NEWBURY BUZZING TEAM: 07/080Thatcham Marsh LNR

Marsh LNR Non-CES
Session: 07/08/2022 07:00 to 11:30 humans resources
Notes: A non-CES session today so we made use of audio appeals. Simply reveals what.
is hiding in the location this moment of year when summertime travelers get on flow. Many.
of the grownups ringed remained in complete main wing plume moult. We had excellent.
varieties of Reed Warbler despite the fact that no audio appeals were bet this types,.
It is feasible they were drawn in by the phone calls as well as tracks played of various other.
types. 2 of the re-trapped Reed Warblers had actually been ringed aged 1J (contemporary of.
the nest) a number of weeks back. Most likely the types of the day was Chaffinch,.
they are nearly non-existent at the websites where we go, we call really couple of.
Climate: brilliant, warm, tranquil, cozy
Webs: 198metres in 1 trip, 18Mx11 reed bed trip up from 06:40 to 10:40.
humans resources
Attractions Sound: BC-GW-LW-CC-WW-WO-FC-GC, TP-YW-WC-RT-SF-W, GH,
Warbler (you never ever understand your good luck) all periodically

Regains:( 07 )

Dunnock ringed: 01/09/2019

Long-tailed Tit ringed: 11/04/2021

Reed Warbler ringed: 25/04/2021,.
23/05/2021, 03/07/2022, 23/07/2022×2

Discoveries: 37 Bird Variety: We were rather hectic so.
we might have missed out on a varieties or 2.

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