New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Tuesday 20 Sept

On Tuesday early morning Ruud as well as I established a number of internet in the Halswell Domain name with the hope of capturing a few of the Yellowhammers that are presently feeding there. On Monday while doing a bird matter in the Domain name I uncovered that there was a number of big groups of Yellowhammers with some Finches eating a number of playing areas there. Ruud as well as I boosted a type of strategy regarding 10pm on Monday night. Certainly, the strategy really did not function as the birds were feeding in a various location. The early morning verified to be a wonderful one for banding, cloudy as well as tranquil so we proceeded as well as set up the internet. It was after that an issue of driving the birds carefully in the direction of the internet.

Over the last couple of years we have actually attempted to capture Yellowhammers feeding right now of year with extremely restricted success, The largest catch has actually been 5 so we were extremely delighted to capture 15 birds, all yellowhammers. As a result of the variety of pet pedestrians the groups were frequently being moved, this indicated we had a great deal of strolling as well as some irritating drives.

I have trouble maturing as well as sexing Yellowhammers as they appear to be such a varied whole lot both in colour as well as pattern of colour, specifically of the head. Among the birds captured were brilliant yellow, light yellow virtually lotion as well as extremely brownish, virtually sparrow like.

The current Banding Workplace E-newsletter.

I have actually just recently gotten the current Banding Workplace e-newsletter as well as it’s well worth a read. We also obtain a tiny reference. Below is a web link to it.


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