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New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Halswell Quarry

New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Halswell Quarry

We had a session among the decorative Cherry Trees the other day early morning. These trees are a spectacular view when completely blossom in the springtime. They after that create tiny fruit that are extremely sour (a minimum of to my preference as I have actually attempted them) nevertheless birds esp. Blackbirds discover them to their taste. We established the webs up with close to perfect problems, little wind as well as overcast. The cloud spread midmorning as well as the webs came to be extremely noticeable.

We really did not have a huge catch, handling 17 birds yet with 8 varieties a minimum of there was some range. All other than 1 were brand-new. Blackbirds our target varieties comprised the mass of the catch with 10 birds. Blackbirds are perfect for students that require experience in managing bigger birds. Various other varieties captured were 2 Bellbirds as well as 1 each of Goldfinch, Home Sparrow, Track Yeast Infection, Silvereye as well as Starling. One of the most intriguing bird of the day was a recaptured Chaffinch the only wrap-up of the day. It had actually been grouped on 27 Oct 2018 as well as is currently the earliest recaptured Chaffinch we have actually had. This is the initial capture because it was grouped, as well as it was grouped regarding 200m from the regain website.

Give banding the initial bird of the day

Stephanie with the initial Bellbird she has actually grouped

Della banding “her” Bellbird

We do not capture a great deal of Goldfinch, this set was evaluated to be a grown-up lady.
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Juvenile Blackbird, remarkably for this moment of year as all the Blackbirds other than 2 were old birds.

The only Wrap-up for the day, the old Chaffinch.

Along with the above birds captured in haze webs, we have actually grouped a variety of nestlings over the last couple of days. 5 Starlings in among the Owl boxes, 3 Blackbirds as well as 4 little Fantails in nests at Jan’s location.

We likewise have 4 little Owlets in a box at Cashmere Rd that with any luck will be huge sufficient to band in a week or two.

Among the Owlets.



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