New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Halswell Quarry Friday 22 July

Our prepared session at the Quarry on Wednesday was deserted because of rainfall. It had actually currently been drizzling nearly daily for the previous week as well as proceeded till around lunchtime Friday. As I intended to gather the feeders for usage in following weeks suggested session at the Cashmere Rd website I dropped Friday mid-day to select them up. Simply to make some use the journey I put up a web as well as was amazed by a stable circulation of birds particularly as the feeders had not been covered up because Tuesday as well as one had actually inexplicably gone away.

In much less than 2 hrs I captured 21 birds of 5 types with 17 brand-new as well as 4 wrap-ups.

Types captured were- (wrap-ups in braces)

Blackbird – 1

Fantail – 1

Silvereye – 10 (2) Both the wrap-ups were grouped this year.

Home Sparrow – 4 (1) The wrap-up was grouped Aug 2019 as well as at 1079 days from banding is a fairly old bird for a Sparrow.

Bellbird – 1 (1) Both birds were male as well as were captured with each other. The brand-new bird was a child as well as was potentially being worried by the older grouped one. The wrap-up was grouped June 2019 as well as is currently at 1128 days from banding our earliest Bellbird regained.

The Bellbird revealing the red eye of an older bird.
All the wrap-ups had actually been grouped at the Quarry, in the Sanctuary, which as a bird flies is just a brief range.
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