New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Friday 12 Aug

On Friday Phil and also I examined the Harrier catches that had actually been established and also baited by my sibling. We had actually intended to duplicate a comparable catch to the last session yet were a little bit dissatisfied with a catch of 2 yet, that is a great deal much better than none. We have actually been not able to do much banding for the last couple of weeks. The weather condition has actually been dreadful and also after that, simply as it began to enhance, I had to go right into seclusion with Covid.

There was a visible decrease in the Harrier numbers in the location where the catches were established from the last session. This can be because of a variety of aspects. Possibly birds have actually carried on back to their reproducing locations or with the start of lambing in the location with birds having the ability to discover sufficient food without taking the danger of entering into dodgy looking catches. With any luck, as we obtain even more Harriers grouped and also repeat discoveries we could find out a little bit a lot more concerning what they rise to.

This was Phil’s very first Harrier banding for a variety of years considering that he did some with the Marlborough Team, yet like riding a bike he had not shed the art. Both birds captured were evaluated to be Males and also both old birds, one particularly older.

Phil banding his very first Harrier for a variety of years under the look of his L3 tutor.

We make use of a tube constructed of big fruit tins to make the banding much easier and also much safer for both Bird & & Bander.

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We likewise make use of a various technique of evaluating, it looks a little bit awkward yet it is really reliable and also fast.
The last bird grouped had a traditional “Old Birds Grey Wing”

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