New Zealand Bird Banding & Banders: Current banding

We have not done much banding generally as a result of some health and wellness problems I have actually had. On Wednesday Phil as well as I grouped 4 Little Owls that remain in rehabilitation at the Wild animals Health center. These birds have actually made great progression in the direction of far better health and wellness as well as all working out will certainly be launched quickly, ideally, back right into the location where they were located. Pauline that is the head Veterinarian at the Health center likewise seized the day of beginning her banding training.

Phil banding the very first bird of the day while it is being managed by Pauline.
Pauline banding her very first Little Owl, a bird that was saved from a pet cat right here in Halswell.
This little man has actually however shed an eye most likely in an experience with a Magpie.

As it has actually made excellent progression with feeding itself it is, ideally still mosting likely to be launched.

Surprisingly this recently fledged child was located in the extremely hectic parking area at “The Center” in Hornby.

Pauline likewise has this little other under her treatment. She has actually looked after it because it was laid as an egg. Its mom was captured by a pet dog when a farmer was getting rid of a heap of timber. The farmer took her to the Health center assuming it was a young bird. It was after that located to be a lady which appropriately laid an egg. Pauline has not just hatched it yet remains to feed as well as look after it. It is currently 6 days old. Surprisingly the mom confirmed to be unimpaired as well as was launched.

Various other birds captured just recently were 2 brand-new Harriers captured by Phil at his residential or commercial property in Motukara as well as a wrap-up of a bird grouped there concerning a month earlier.

We have actually likewise grouped 6 Starling puli, all from little Owl boxes that have actually been commandeered.

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