New ‘Life Bird’ Free Of Charge

Eastern meadowlark (image by Chuck Tague) vs. Chihuahuan meadowlark in San Rafael Valley, AZ (image from Wikimedia Commons)

When I participated in the Southwest Wings Birding Event in Arizona in the summertime of 2015, I saw 33 Life Birds consisting of an sophisticated trogon as well as a violet-crowned hummingbird

7 years later on I will certainly get a 34th Life Bird for that journey without doing anything. The eastern meadowlarks I saw in Santa Cruz Area, Arizona will certainly come to be a brand-new types. eBird will certainly alter them for me this month.

This month eBird will certainly upgrade the taxonomy in its considerable list data source to mirror the most recent ‘divides’, ‘swellings’, enhancements of brand-new types, adjustments to taxonomic names, taxonomic series, as well as extra. The complete 2022 eBird Taxonomy Update is set up to start on 25 October. Adjustments might start as very early as 15 October. The procedure is anticipated to occupy to a week consisting of intermediate actions.

Send all “Not Sent” mobile lists by 24 October. Please DO NOT modify your individual documents if you discover them altering. Connect to eBird

if you have inquiries.— —

paraphrase of eBird’s 2022 Taxonomy upgrade information

Numerous adjustments will certainly be small, impacting just the taxonomic names. Below are 2 instances from my very own Life Listing. The violet-crowned hummingbird, Leucolia violiceps, was put in an “inaccessible” category so this month it will certainly come to be Ramosomyia violiceps

on my Southwest Wings list.

Violet-crowned hummingbird, Patagonia AZ (image from Wikimedia Commons) The varicolored owl I saw in Costa Rica in 2017 was Ciccaba virgata at the time, however Ciccaba is currently soaked up right into Strix so the varicolored owl will certainly come to be Strix virgata In the Strix genus it signs up with an owl it appears like, the disallowed owl ( Strix varia

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Multicolor owl (image from Wikimedia Commons) The most significant adjustment for me will certainly be the lengthy awaited split of the eastern meadowlark. The Lilianae team — — previously a subspecies that I saw in Arizona — — will certainly come to be the Chihuahuan Meadowlark ( Sturnella lilianae). Below’s exactly how it views on my life listing today (18 October 2022). Quickly it will certainly alter. Click right here to see the Chihuahuan meadowlark’s variety on eBird

Eastern meadowlark discoveries in eBird (information from Kate St. John)

It’s terrific that I can get in a discovery 7 years earlier(!) that ends up being a Life Bird all by itself. Find Out More regarding the adjustments at

2022 Taxonomy Update– Coming Quickly!

Life Bird = a bird types seen for the very first time in my life.(

pictures by Chuck Tague as well as from Wikimedia Commons(*))(*)

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