New Expo-linked Roadway Proposition throughout the Nakdong Tidewater, Busan

Number 1. Busan. Inset map is from (and also copyright of) BBS Information; RED line marks recommended website of brand-new Gadeok Do Flight terminal; BLUE dots comply with recommended second Coastal Ring Roadway rundown given up BBS map (throughout the Nakdong Tidewater, including it shows up via component of the Nakdong Tidewater Marsh Protected Location; via Dadapo, near to Taejongdae and also near to the SK homes at Igidae, prior to going offshore from Gwangali and also Haeundae). This recommended path, unless all passage, would certainly for that reason significantly modify sights of the sea for all South and also East Busan; and also affect some stunning and also biodiverse environments. It would certainly additionally likely be tremendously pricey, The populated YELLOW line is what we believe is more probable to be the real recommended path, throughout the islands in the Nakdong Tidewater; and also quickly accompanying just recently boosted roadway systems. This would certainly be more affordable to construct, yet would certainly create serious unfavorable ecological effect on the biodiversity of the Nakdong Tidewater. In any case, this roadway will obviously need redrawing of the borders of the Nakdong Tidewater Marsh Protected Location.

According to BBS Information (June 29th 2022), “The second seaside ring roadway linking Gadeok-do and also Gijang-gun will certainly be built.

The city of Busan today validated and also revealed the ‘Busan City Roadway Building And Construction and also Monitoring Strategy’, which is the city’s leading roadway strategy.

According to the strategy … a 2nd seaside ring roadway will certainly be built from Gadeok Island via Saha-gu, Yeongdo-gu, Nam-gu and also Haeundae to Gijang-gun.” (Kim Sangjin, BBS Information, June 29th 2022).

This roadway proposition becomes part of a number of significant advancement strategies to sustain Busan City’s proposal to organize the 2030 Globe Exposition. The official choice on whether Busan City will certainly be granted this Exposition will certainly be made in 2023 ( various other possible host cities consist of e.g., Moscow and also Rome). New Expo-linked advancement propositions currently consist of port growth, a number of brand-new bridges and also most notably the recommended brand-new worldwide airport terminal at Gadeok Do, on the western flank of the Ramsar-defined worldwide vital Nakdong Tidewater.

The recommended Gadeok Do airport terminal will certainly currently be just one of one of the most enthusiastic design jobs ever before taken on in the nation (as it needs constructing deep right into the sea). Along with KFEM, Birds Korea currently revealed our problems concerning feasible bird strike and also effect on migratory raptors We additionally revealed our problems concerning the distance of the recommended airport terminal to the tidewater; and also our uncertainties that brand-new facilities throughout the tidewater will certainly be recommended, to decrease blockage and also driving time, and also to supply site visitors to the Exposition with remarkable sights of the city.

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Much deteriorated over the previous couple of years, a lot of the Nakdong Tidewater is a nationwide Marsh Protected Location: the most strict kind of nationwide security. Unless adjustments have actually been made to these borders currently, the recommended brand-new roadway as displayed in the map supplied by BBS Information would certainly puncture this Marsh Protected Location (see Number 1 and also Number 2 listed below).

Number 2. Signboard revealing borders of the Nakdong River Tidewater Marsh Protected Location (since 2013) in red. Keep in mind that the recommended brand-new roadway will certainly puncture the southeastern component of this Marsh Protected Location.

In-depth strategies have actually not yet been revealed, and also it promises that the recommended roadway strategy (significant in blue in Number 1) will certainly be significantly changed to conserve prices and also to decrease resistance from individuals that will certainly be impacted by the building.

It promises to us that instead of construct in deep water utilized by delivery and also fishers, programmers will certainly quickly suggest a less expensive variation. This would certainly involve building throughout the external islands in the tidewater, and also would certainly connect to just recently boosted roadways (one feasible variation of this is displayed in yellow dots in Number 1).

In any case, it appears very most likely that the recommended brand-new roadway will certainly affect external islands in the Nakdong Tidewater currently utilized by e.g., nesting across the country Prone Little Tern Sternula albifrons 쇠제비갈매기 and also around the world Prone Styan’s Insect Warblers Helopsaltes pleskei 섬개개비, wintering around the world Prone Steller’s Sea Eagle Haliaeetus pelagicus 참수리 and also Relict Gull Ichthyaetus relictus 고대갈매기 and also near-annual hosting around the world Seriously Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpipers Calidris pygmaea 넓적부리도요 (prior to battery building, the Nakdong Tidewater was also one of the most vital recognized website for this last varieties around the world).

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Seriously Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidris pygmaea 넓적부리도요, Nakdong Tidewater
Shorebird group in the Nakdong Tidewater, looking eastern towards Hadan and also Dadapo, near to where the recommended brand-new roadway will certainly begin land.
External Nakdong Tidewater, looking west from Saha Gu. Red line notes the recommended area of the brand-new Gadeok Do airport terminal; blue line suggests approximate path of recommended brand-new roadway according to the map in BBS Information on June 29th 2022.

We wish that complete information of the recommended second seaside ring roadway will certainly be revealed, which a suitable ecological influence analysis will certainly be performed, based on nationwide legislations and also worldwide dedications held by the ROK.

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