Movie|Splendid White Tailed Eagles of Scotland

In this movie I head to the Island of Mull in Scotland to view white trailed eagles, likewise referred to as sea eagles.

Britain’s biggest birds

White trailed eagles have an amazing 8ft wingspan as well as are so huge they were when, notoriously, called ‘flying barn doors’. At this dimension, they are easy to detect as well as within half a hr of showing up on the island I locate my initial, perched high in the trees. It’s not up until this enormous bird takes off that you value its dimension.

Sea eagle trip

White trailed eagles have actually adhered to angling watercrafts for centuries, wanting to obtain a little from the catch. I sign up with Mull Charters to see if I can detect any type of.

Dolphin sheathing

Minutes after we triggered we were signed up with by a husk of dolphins. I obtain an undersea electronic camera under the watercraft so I can comply with the activity. Dolphins are so lively, pay attention to the noises they make!

Sea eagle dive

The white trailed eagle’s searching strategy entails flying near the water, scanning for fish and afterwards diving down. View exactly how at the last minute they resort to comprehend the fish with their substantial claws.

Capturing fish

White trailed eagles capture fish near the surface area since if their plumes splash they locate it tougher to fly. They have big beaks which they make use of to destroy target.

Sea eagle chick

I also detect a white trailed eagle with a chick. Sea eagles depend on their moms and dads for around 6 weeks after they fledge.

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Enjoying from land

You do not need to charter a watercraft to see sea eagles. I handled to view them from the coastline. Look for the minute when one eagle flies over a team of sunbathing harbour seals– they rapidly scarper!

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