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Marsworth, Fall is upon us.

Marsworth, Fall is upon us.

After each week of wind and also rainfall we got hold of the opportunity to leave on Wednesday though it however appeared rather windy. We set up simply a couple of internet within the added protected japanese space of the positioning and also a new web in between some hazel shrubs. I had intentional to fill up the moment with some scrub cleaning yet it certainly was a more busy early morning that expected keeping that remarkable blend of the last summertime time travelers and also fall visitors. We started with Chiffchaffs and also Blackcaps after which a flurry of Goldcrests obtained right here to the tape appeal along with 4 Bullfinch.

The brand-new web was a hit and also captured 4 Lesser Redpoll, a new varieties for Claire, plus a Chaffinch. The Chaffinch was a more youthful man that had abnormally moulted every one of the secondaries and also a couple of primaries on one wing Offered the dreadful circumstance of the plumes on the contrary wing it was most likely that he required to alter just as damaged plumes.

Juvenile Chaffinch with brand-new secondaries on correct fly comparison with dilapidated plumes on left wing.

Every One Of the Redpolls had actually been juveniles, matured in feedback to the kind of the tail plumes and also a moult limit along with the bigger coverts. None had actually been showing any type of purple plumes on the bust so we could not sexual intercourse them.

Redpoll wing showing 6 previous bigger coverts
Lesser Redpoll

The last chicken of the day was a new Nice Noticed Woodpecker which was however molting its primaries as a component of its send adolescent moult. The difference in between the black minimal coverts and also the duller bigger coverts plus the wonderful circumstance of the unmoulted external primary, aged the chicken as an adolescent. Its figure moult was virtually complete and also there have actually been just a couple of little purple plumes left within the crown nonetheless the brand-new glossy purple neck spot suggests it is a man.

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Much better Discovered Woodpecker wing.

We finished with 56 birds (11 retraps/45 brand-new)



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