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Madeira …! Early June 2022 

Madeira …! Early June 2022 

After 3 years of attempting, Dave Provencher as well as I lastly made it to Madeira searching for Zino’s Petrel. The pandemic had actually delayed our 2020 as well as 2021 reservations, yet we were not rejected this time around around. We invested regarding 5 days on the island, 3 mid-days of which went to sea. The remainder of the time was invested delicately discovering from water level to 6,000+ feet heights. We linked fairly quickly with the island’s couple of native to the island varieties as well as subspecies, plus a couple of various other target birds.

Madeira is a tiny island whose rugged heights protruded of the sea like the suggestion of an iceberg. Info regarding the island is conveniently offered online, so I will certainly save the repeating right here. I will certainly include one point that stunned me … Madeira is really cost effective. Low-cost, also. A minimum of when you arrive. Trips appeared to run $650-800 return from the northeast United States, once on-island, our keep did not establish us back a lot. The rental cars and truck expense $215 throughout, our midtown Machico resort space was $55/night, as well as eating ran less expensive than back residence. Our escape was short, as well as there was a lot more island to discover for certain, yet I do suggest Madeira as a location if you like on your own some unusual Pterodromas.

* Click thumbnails listed below for high resolution.

The celebrities of the program … ZINO’S PETREL. We came across at the very least 7 people over our 3 mid-days mixed-up.

The carefully relevant “Desertas” FEA’S PETREL types on surrounding Bugio of the Desertas chain. We definitively saw just one of these:

Beyond the Pterodromas, the BULWER’S PETRELS were one of the most amusing seabird available. Extremely typical, there constantly appeared to be numerous of these in sight:

An additional specialized of these waters is the “Madeiran” type of BAND-RUMPED STORM-PETREL. They are limited, yet we did have actually lengthened sights of one feeding in our friend slick:

Unanticipated for this time around of year was a solitary wonderful SHEARWATER:

One of the most bountiful seabird available was CORY’S SHEARWATER, every one of which seen all right to look at were plainly of the Atlantic-breeding populace borealis, as informed by the important absence of white blood loss right into the under-primaries.

While travelling to sea one mid-day we discovered a team of 4 SPERM WHALES that appeared to be spy-hopping when we initially discovered them:

The raw elegance of the island can not be overemphasized, as well as we delighted in the surroundings both from land as well as sea. A number of landbird varieties were likewise worth seeing.

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Berthelot’s Pipit

Spectacled Warbler

Trocaz Pigeon (native to the island)

” Madeiran” Common Chaffinch

Madeira Firecrest (native to the island)

Ordinary Swift

Pico do Arieiro

Our vessel, captained by Catarina as well as Hugo


recalling western from Ponta de Sao Lourenco

damaging over the clouds at 5500 feet

Pico do Arieiro
The Galaxy from 6000 feet

 – Nick


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