Lesser Place as well as Jack Snipe

There is not a lot brand-new taking place on the bird scene
in Oslo presently although a Pallid Swift was viewed the other day as well as that
recognizes possibly I will certainly encounter one today– it behaves warm climate a minimum of

Because my last article I have, amaze shock, entertained
myself with my thermal imager as well as Jack Snipe have naturally included as well as
nighttime journeys right into Maridalen have actually disclosed Woodcock, beavers, roe deer, voles
as well as a pet cat which was a lengthy method from any kind of residences as well as had me going with a little bit.

At Fornebu I am still waiting (really hoping) for Bearded
Tits to show up as well as there are indications additional south of a fall irruption structure
up however 5 Water Bed rails screeching from the very same tiny reedbed was amazing as well as a.
late Chiffchaff that looked fairly tristis like however seemed “regular” will certainly I presume.
drop as an eastern abientinus.

male Lesser Detected Woodpecker (dvergspett) in an autumnal tree

good cigarette coloured ear coverts on this Chiffchaff however its phone call was “regular”

possibly excessive yellow in the supercillium

can you see the Jack Snipe (kvartbekkasin)? I’ll expose its area reduced down

I like just how the extending scapulars can be relocated to help in camouflage as well as separating the overview of the bird

obtaining harder to discover

as well as right here is the area of the bird in the initial image
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