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Just how Quick Is The Wind Blowing?

Just how Quick Is The Wind Blowing?

Oak fallen leave on an updraft in winter season (image by Marcy Cunkelman)

17 January 2023

We can not see the wind however we can think its rate by seeing what it does to fallen leaves as well as flags …

Wales nationwide flag blowing in the wind (image from Wikimedia Commons)

… and after that making use of the wind rate graph from the National Weather Condition Solution (NWS) to make a hunch. My assumption for the above images is a Mild Wind 8-12 miles per hour or a Modest Wind 13-18 miles per hour however it’s tough to inform.

Approximating Wind Rate (graph from the National Weather Condition Solution)

NOAA climate satellites do not see the wind either however they can see the clouds relocating 3 layers.

  • High degree clouds (cirrus) at 23,000 to 46,000 feet
  • Mid degree clouds at a degree of 10,000 to 23,000 feet
  • Reduced degree clouds are listed below 10,000 feet

In their computer animations of satellite photos we can nearly see the wind however not its rate.

For example, in this GOES East computer animation from last Thursday 12 January 2023 we can see the Atmospheric River pumping right into The golden state as well as a reduced stress system going up the Ohio Valley.

GOES EAST satellite, GeoColor timelapse photos, 12 Jan 2023 6:56 Z-10:51 Z (computer animation from NOAA)

NOAA’s computer systems make use of the computer animated maps to determine wind rate as well as instructions. The outcome, called Derived Activity Winds, stories the wind elevation, instructions as well as rate on a map.

Tale for Derived Activity Winds: Wind Elevation as well as Rate (NWS)

Below coincides timelapse with Derived Activity Winds. Notification that the layers typically do not relocate the exact same instructions or at the exact same rate. You have actually felt this in an aircraft as a “bump” when the aircraft climbs or comes down in between clashing layers.

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GOES EAST CONUS, Derived Activity Winds 12 Jan 2023 (computer animation from NOAA)

You can “see” the wind throughout the Americas by picking a satellite to see (listing left wing) at the NOAA GOES Images Satellite Maps Click Derived Activity Winds if offered.

To see the existing GOES East satellite, imagined over, see these web links:

( images from Marcy Cunkelman as well as Wikimedia, maps as well as computer animations from NOAA as well as the National Weather Condition Solution)



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