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January Birding in the RGV, 1/30/23

January Birding in the RGV, 1/30/23

I constantly obtain enthusiatic concerning birding at the beginning of the year. Year checklist amounts to all curtail to absolutely no as well as that understands what’s available to be discovered. Below’s a couple of rather excellent birds I have actually seen this month beginning on the 17th. I have actually currently submitted away images from prior to after that.

1/17 I chose to make a pursue the Rose-throated Becard at the Nature Facility at Bentsen State Park. A park docent informed me he had actually seen it when yet it may be a long haul. Eventually I see my old Arizona good friend as well as Area Guides journey leader Chris Benesh. His team had actually simply seen the Hook-billed Kites as well as awaited the Rose-throated Becard. Very little was taking place as well as while his team were recooping from their early morning stroll, we spoke about birds as well as Chris’ scorpion life checklist. While he often tended to the demands of his team, I see a beefy, large headed bird land in the top of the mezquite. I called out “There’s the becard!” I constantly such as discovering the bird prior to the tourist guide does. This Mexican fruit consuming flycatcher has actually been seen striking the peanut butter feeders.

Chris informed me where to seek the kites. It took a while yet at some point I came across a team with ranges educated on the bird. The Rabdotus land snails have actually been succeeding bring in as numerous as 7 Hook-billed Kites. Below’s my bad image.

The various other significant event were the groups of Wild Turkeys. I saw at the very least thirty. I’m thinking dry spell has actually relocated them right into the park. Striking the feeders has actually made them fat as well as lively.

1/19 A Black-headed Grosbeak has actually been spending time the Amphitheater feeding location at Quinta Mazatlan much like last winter months. I ran over as well as placed myself before the feeders wishing to tick this western grosbeak for the year as well as darned if a Wintertime Wren really did not stumble upon before me. It was so rapid I really did not obtain a possibility to photo it. Eventually visting birders showed up as well as directed me to the grosbeak as well as I saw it for concerning a 2nd. Well that was underwhelming. Neighborhood overview Tiffany Kirsten turned up with a number of consumers expecting the Black-headed Grosbeak as well as darned if the Winter months Wren really did not placed in one more look.

I quit on obtaining a shot of the grosbeak, so I strayed over to Ruby Fish pond as well as ticked a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker for the year.

Well just how around one more pursue the grosbeak? Back at the amphitheater bird task was grabbing. It was 4pm as well as felt like whatever was coming in for a mid-day beverage or bathroom. There was the Summertime Tanager I had actually glimpsed previously.

After that the initial American Goldfinch I had actually seen in a while.

Needed To go to the very least a loads Clay-colored Thrushes.

As well as ultimately there was the Back-headed Grosbeak. It might well coincide one as last winter months.

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1/21 My very long time birding good friend Rub Heirs was welcomed by her medical professional to see his cattle ranch north of Roma in Starr Region as well as I reached accompany. The lengthen dry spell has actually struck the location tough as well as birds were tough to discover. We did handle to discover numerous Black-throated Sparrows yet I was hectic driving as well as could not obtain a picture. We did discover a shock Wilson’s Snipe on among the cattle ranch’s fish ponds. It was a brand-new bird for my Starr Region checklist.

En route back I detected a number of gnatcatchers so I quit as well as pished. I was privileged to obtain bad images of a Black-tailed Gnatcatcher. They are tough to discover right here on the eastern end of their variety.

Ideal discover of the day for me were some great samplings of Agave asperrima. I had actually heard they might be figured out there yet these were the initial I have actually ever before seen north of Mexico.

1/23 A Burrowing Owl was viewed near Willamar in Willacy Region. I dropped my better half Honey off at the health club in Harlingen as well as added there to attempt to include this varieties to my Willacy Region checklist. Well I discovered the culvert yet the owl had not been out. I drove over to the old Hill Plover place of FM 2099. The location is currently covered by gigantic whooshing wind mills. Not a bird to be discovered, not also the normal typical Horned Larks. Just how concerning the playa eastern of Lyford? Some birds! Simply a couple of shorebirds yet 17 Snowy Plovers on this salted playa were a great winter months discover far from the shore.

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1/25 I required some shorebirds for my brand-new year checklist so I went out to South Padre Island as well as discovered many yet birds were remote as well as photo problems were not fantastic. The sunlight opped out while I was examining out the Sheepshead whole lot as well as a tiny group of unusual Cedar Waxwings were a wonderful reward.

1/28 I took our brand-new Jeep bent on Boca Chica beach.but the trend was high as well as it was gusty as well as unclear. Browse was as well harsh to make it up the the jetty so I reversed as well as obtained fortunate with this initial winter months Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Including my west Texas journey my 2023 overall depends on 211 varieties. Not superb yet okay.



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