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Islay Birds: Thursday fifth January

Islay Birds: Thursday fifth January

Peter is away, yet I feel he would certainly desire me to talk about the climate – DEFINITELY REVOLTING.

It was Phil Edwards’ last complete day on the island for this journey, as well as it was a little bit of a battle in the problems. He as well as his spouse did take care of 7 whoopers at the Gruinart South Hide as well as a number of woodcock in the location. Many thanks quite undoubtedly to them for all their discoveries.

pic c/o Phil Edwards

Nothing on the whatsapp team, bar a late reference of a barn owl at Laphroaig the other day from Mary-Ann.

Malcolm emailed in to include his ideas to Peter as well as Phil’s nervous geese remarks from the other day. He stated “ In action to Phil Edwards asking if the the Barnacles are extra tense than in the past due to the culling, as well as you concurring, I assume it needs to be remembered that there is practically no culling happening this winter season (simply 2 ranches as well as handful) which it quit at the end of January last winter season. Geese certainly have memories, yet along with unease from culling, I assume that the much raised numbers (as well as group dimensions) in the last 30-40 years additionally have something to do with it. I additionally assume it holds true that making use of terrifying as well as choosing to lower the moment the geese can invest feeding to plump up prior to they leave in April might have a destructive impact on their succeeding reproduction success, yet as they have regarding a month in Iceland to continue feeding, I assume the impact will certainly be rather marginal.

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Many thanks quite to all the above.



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