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Is It Springtime? Asks the Starling

Is It Springtime? Asks the Starling

European starling in wintertime quill (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

12 January 2023

I understand it’s just 12 January yet a starling informed me on Tuesday that springtime is coming quickly. I can see it in his beak.

A lot of the birds that invest the wintertime in Pittsburgh put on the very same shades all year long. Blue jays, chickadees and also red-tailed hawks do not transform their appearance from wintertime to springtime. European starlings do make a modification yet it’s refined.

In wintertime they meet their name with “stellar” found plumes, plain dark pink legs, and also gray-black beaks. When springtime comes their places disappear, their legs come to be brighter red and also their beaks transform yellow.

Last Tuesday I saw a starling whose beak was transforming yellow, though still black-tipped like the one imagined below.

Midway to springtime quill (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

His supreme objective is this shiny crisp look.

European starlings in reproducing quill (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

Starling beaks normally begin altering in February. Is springtime coming earlier than common or is that starling successful?

( pictures from Wikimedia Commons; click the inscriptions to see the originals)

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