Is Honeyvine Milkweed an Invasive Plant?

Honeyvine, or milkweed creeping plant, is an indigenous host plant for emperors. It can spread out boldy. Discover if it’s appropriate for your yard.

Should You Expand Honeyvine Milkweed?

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Queen caterpillar on milkweed creeping plant

Honeyvine milkweed ( Cynanchum laeve or Ampelamus albidus) is likewise called climbing up milkweed, bluevine, sand creeping plant or milkweed creeping plant. It is belonging to the majority of the eastern USA. Like all milkweeds, this creeping plant is the host plant for the decreasing emperor butterfly When those huge seedpods rupture open, the seeds spread out much and also wide in the wind. This suggests brand-new plants often appear as volunteers in unexpected locations.

This can be an advantage or a poor point, relying on your perspective. Birds & & Blooms factor and also biologist David Mizejewski states, “Honeyvine milkweed can be a little bit scraggy, so it’s best for yards that have a wild appearance.”

As it is a indigenous plant with pollinator advantages, it would certainly not be taken into consideration intrusive. As well as we do not intend to inhibit garden enthusiasts from expanding these emperor butterfly blossoms in their butterfly yards. Milkweed creeping plant’s practice of reseeding and also spreading out swiftly can toss off the selection in little backyards. Often this vining plant is misinterpreted for bindweed, which can swiftly take control of your yard. Discover the worst intrusive plants you ought to never ever expand.

Exactly How to Manage the Spread of Honeyvine Milkweed

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Honeyvine milkweed is a host plant for emperor butterflies

One method to maintain milkweed controlled is by growing it in containers. Eric Liskey, proprietor of Landscapes by Liskey, a landscape style and also installment company in West Des Moines, Iowa, states one instead unconventional usage for containers is to bring in wild animals, specifically the larvae of emperor butterflies “Place a couple of tool to huge containers in your blossom beds. Plant milkweed in them to bring in emperors,” Eric states. “Some indigenous milkweeds are hostile spreaders. In containers you do not have to stress regarding them attacking your beds.”

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An additional method to handle the hostile spread of milkweed creeping plant is to gather milkweed seeds from the hulls. You can manage where you put it. If you want expanding this plant, we located several vendors supplying the seeds on Etsy

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Various other indigenous milkweed ranges to expand consist of typical milkweed, snazzy milkweed, butterfly weed and also overload milkweed

Next off, discover what a milkweed tussock moth and also caterpillar appears like.

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