In Your Home and also Columbia Lake

08 November, 2022

In the house, Waterloo, ON

A properly called Loss Cankerworm Moth ( Alsophila pometaria) was hing on our garage door when I got back from a purchasing exploration. Miriam rapidly ordered her electronic camera to take a photo.

10 November, 2022

Columbia Lake, Waterloo, ON

On a peaceful November mid-day, with the temperature level pushing an incredible 20 levels, we made a decision to invest a hr or 2 at Columbia Lake.

Numerous Canada Geese ( Branta canadensis) had actually likewise determined it was an excellent concept.

There are numerous races of Canada Goose and also a few of the birds existing were extremely smaller sized than others, standing for a small subspecies. I inspected meticulously to see whether there were Babbling Geese ( Branta hutchinsii) amongst them however I was incapable to discover any kind of.

A little set of Ring-billed Gulls ( Larus delawarensis) was material to idle away the moment at the water’s side.

They were signed up with by an only American Herring Gull ( Larus smithsonianus).

An adolescent Pied-billed Grebe ( Podilymbus podiceps) was preparing yourself for its initial movement, an unsafe time in the life of any kind of young bird.

The reeds have actually counted on brownish, yet still maintain their appeal.

Mallards ( Anas platyrynchos) manipulated every location where feeding could be great, and also this man appears to have actually combined off with a residential kind woman.

I maintain an excellent desire for Mallards and also the truth of seeing them with such consistency does not decrease my recognition whatsoever.

They foraged along with Canada Geese rather peaceably, a problem most likely assisted in by a wealth of food.

The initial Green-winged Teal ( Anas carolinensis) we saw was a woman.

So fragile! Small!

It was not long prior to we saw a man.

So fragile! Good-looking!

What a beautiful set they make.

There were Hooded Mergansers ( Lophodytes cucullatus), all women, just as fascinating and also equally as little as the teal. You can determine the dimension on your own in the complying with image where the Hooded Merganser is overshadowed by both Canada Geese and also Mallards.

Probably sprinkling intensely makes one feeling larger and also much more harmful, or possibly its simply to guarantee tidy plumes.

The mergansers were diving continually looking for food, and also occasionally provided an extremely reduced account as they swam along the surface area of the lake.

This specific, relaxing out of the water, erected its crest.

We checked the lake for concerning forty-five mins, however besides for a solitary Double-crested Cormorant ( Nannopterum auritus) far near the contrary coast, we might discover absolutely nothing various from what you see below.

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Our parting shot reveals you what extremely great climate has actually buried Ontario for the initial third of November.

I question that it can last however we’ll take it while we may.

12 November, 2022

In the house, Waterloo, ON

” An obviously easy choice – such as heading out right into the yard to much better listen to the splendid track of a bird – can result in a peek of endless time”

Graeme Gibson

November is ultimately resembling November, with our initial snowfall of the period.

It really did not total up to much however it sufficed to carpeting the ground.

Dark-eyed Juncos ( Junco hyemalis) are sturdy little birds and also freezing climate not does anything to discourage them. This specific transformed its back on me.

A North Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis) got on the bird feeder when I initially watched out, however had actually transferred to the fencing by the time I obtained my electronic camera.

I’ll attempt to be thorough in maintaining the feeders covered up currently. It’s extremely satisying to be able to offer the birds an aiding hand and also in return they place on nature’s finest program for us.

13 November, 2022

In the house, Waterloo, ON

The snow advanced and also off throughout the day, hefty damp down payments also, so it appeared ideal to remain at residence. Having actually loaded my feeders, we both busied ourselves with interior searches.

Every now and then, I gazed gone, and also also amassed a couple of photos of uncaring top quality.

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A women Downy Woodpecker ( Dryobates pubescens) assiduously functioned the feeders, originally consuming a number of seeds, and after that delegating include in her winter season storage space.

She left in various instructions so I think she is caching seeds in different places – consisting of the birch tree in the yard. I have actually seen her numerous times given that and also her regimen is kept without exemption.

Dark-eyed Juncos came down on branches, positioned to start feeding.

Some fell a brief range onto the feeders …

… while others obtained the splilling on the ground.

American Goldfinches ( Spinus tristis) occasionally get here a lots or even more at once and also instantly gone about making use of the feeders, dispersing to those listed below while doing so.

A person Eastern Grey Squirrel ( Sciurus carolinensis) constantly accesses the very least its reasonable share – and also normally a little bit much more.

Besides, they need to earn a living also.

14 November, 2022

In the house, Waterloo, ON

For a factor unidentified to us, Grieving Doves ( Zenaida macroura) appear to favour setting down on the side of the bird bathroom.

Often they consume alcohol, however are seldom attended shower. In the summertime they frequently stand in the water with their stomach submersed.

15 November, 2022

Columbia Lake, Waterloo, ON

It was a chilly and also gusting day. The febrile winds of November skirled and also juddered and also the snow populated our field glasses like the white area on a coot. We soldiered on, indomnitable and also enthusiastic birders that we are, like buyers rising onward for complimentary examples at Costco.

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The birds had much more feeling than their human pursuers and also had actually nestled someplace. Canada Geese chose to munch on turf on a sporting activities area.

We made our method to the water where a little group of Mallards made us invite.

As we checked the lake a lot more were discovered hunkering versus the leeward coast for defense.

The creek twisted along, undeterred by stormy problems.

Lots of tree varieties have actually been contaminated by pest and also fungal afflictions and also pre-emptive elimination has actually come to be common method. With chestnuts gone, elm removed, ash jeopardized, beech contaminated – and also so on – one might appropriately ask what varieties will certainly continue to be a couple of years.

Some wag had actually taken the difficulty to take his chain saw and also take a chair; a wayward touch in a sea of despair.

A girl strolled by, gone along with by her hubby and also her pet, and also we amusingly recommended that she sit and also posture for a photo. Without a minute’s doubt, she did!

Since’s our type of individual!

The pet confiscated the chance to be cuddled by every person and also we went our different means.

It was not the very best of days, however we were signed up with by Judy and also Mary and also took advantage of it.

The coffee tasted added great when we returned residence.

Following week we’ll do it once more.

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