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Ideal means to feed wild birds while away on vacation.

Ideal means to feed wild birds while away on vacation.

Vehicle Feeder for wild birds.

Wingscapes Vehicle Feeder is a fantastic wild bird feeder, that permits as much as 4 parts of bird seed to be dispenced daily. You can differ the quantity dispenced by utilizing the apeture opening timer which goes from one to twenty secs.

Feed wild bird seed while you are away on vacation, or simply established the Vehicle Feeder in your yard as well as appreciate the phenomenon of your yard wild birds pertaining to your feeder at precisely the very same times daily. you may such as to establish the Wingscapes Vehicle Feeder beyond your cooking area home window as an example, this will certainly imply you can establish the moment for the exact time you desire your birds to find as well as be fed. The wild birds actually do understand when to come to specifically the correct time for the bird feeder to be giving the seed.

Establishing as well as running the Vehicle Feeder is very easy, placed in the batteries (not provided), established the timer, fill up the seed tank as well as kick back to appreciate the program at the times you have actually established the timer to.

There are great deals of bird seed blends for your to picked from to get the very best from your yard birds, have a look in our store

Establish the timer, fill up the seed tube, kick back, as well as appreciate the program. The Vehicle Feeder will certainly give your yard birds with exact quantities of seed at local times of the day – also if you vanish on vacation for a couple of weeks.

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