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Hume’s taking on the cold problems

Hume’s taking on the cold problems

Extremely sufficient the Hume’s Warbler is still existing
and also appears to be going solid. The other day it was -6 C and also intense sunlight and also it
was extremely energetic high in sunlit birch trees where it appeared to locate plenty to consume.
Today it was one level warmer yet snowing and also it had actually associated a group of
Long-tailed Tits and also was extremely energetic following them around and also covered a much bigger
location than the previous days. At one factor a
tristis Chiffchaff joined it
The Hume’s chased it away whilst calling which recommends it has high power

Or else I situated Bearded Tits in 2 reedbeds
with a minimum of 22 birds which is the highest possible number taped right here considering that
springtime 2005 when approximately 40 birds were seen. A White Wagtail was a really
unanticipated locate and also my most current monitoring in the Oslo location by a great margin.

I have actually been overlooking my cherished Maridalen yet a fast
see exposed that ice is currently covering a few of the bays (the seawater bays
at Fornebu are currently totally icy) and also a Pygmy Owl was rested a top a little
spruce tree resembling an xmas decor.

the Hume’s Warbler (blekkbrynsanger) in the sunlight the other day extending to take what seems a little crawler.

distinctly various problems today

this male Lesser Found Woodpecker (dvergspett) remained in the very same trees as the warbler the other day and also reveal definitely wonderfully

the Beardies were not as photogenic when the sunlight shone

extremely late White Wagtail (linerle)
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Pygmy Owl (surveugle)

there are still some apples awaiting the yard which Fieldfare and also Blackbirds naturally are consuming yet likewise this women Terrific Found Woodpecker (flaggspett)

and also some Waxwings (sidensvans)

these Greenfinches (grønnfink) were asking to be photographed so I required



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