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Hays Eagles: Hatching & & Task at Duck Opening

Hays Eagles: Hatching & & Task at Duck Opening

Girly at Hays hairless eagle nest, 21 March 2022, 06:58 a (image from the Hays hairless eaglecam)

21 March 2022

A great deal of information today!

On the Hays hairless eagle nest the major pip was verified recently morning at 8:36 am. You possibly can see the pip within the video under. Take pleasure in the Hays hairless eaglecam for the major egg to hatch out right this min.

6 individuals sustained the drizzle recently morning at Duck Opening as well as likewise have really been granted with an thrilling probably to from amongst numerous Hays hairless eagles. Connie Gallagher videotaped a part of the task in images.

Repair work individuals on the Duck Opening trip, 20 March 2022 (image by Kate St. John)

All of it started with 2 herring gulls on the mud spit, changing a large wheel.

2 herring gulls with an enormous fish, 20 March 2022, 8:45 am (image by Connie Gallagher)

The gulls had actually not made a large amount growth opening the fish once they uncovered the male Hays hairless eagle flying upriver towards Duck Opening. Each of the waterbirds may enlighten the eagle desired that fish. The geese remained, the gulls quickly hid the fish as well as likewise flew up calling as well as likewise whining.

Hays hairless eagle desired that fish (image by Connie Gallagher)

The eagle made 3 dropped-talon pass on the fish however it was also tiresome to seize in journey. Meantime the gulls divebombed him as well as likewise chased him each time. That fish was concealed so strongly that the eagle must land to acquire it. The gulls have really been continuous irritating.

Finally the eagle left as well as likewise the gulls resumed their meal, seen by a crow.

Herring gulls resume their meal, 20 March 2022, 10am (image by Connie Gallagher)

In all we uncovered 29 kinds in addition to an unusual mixed-up mallard that is probably to be an “intersex poultry.” Images hop on our requirements right listed below.

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So thankful we went birding within the rains!

p.s. On the Haven of Looking into peregrine nest, Morela laid her second egg today, 21 March, rounded 3am. You possibly can see each eggs by the sunshine of the moon. Take pleasure in the peregrines on the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh

Morela with 2 eggs, Haven of Looking into peregrine nest, 21 March, 4am (image from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

( images by Kate St. John, Connie Gallagher as well as likewise image from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)



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