HomeBird Fun FactsHarpy Eagle Seen in Costa Rica, July 21, 2022 

Harpy Eagle Seen in Costa Rica, July 21, 2022 

Harpy Eagle Seen in Costa Rica, July 21, 2022 

The main listing of the Bird of Costa Rica flaunts greater than 900 varieties. That much biodiversity in a location the dimension as West Virginia or Denmark creates a hell of a great deal of birds to see. Go birding in Costa Rica as well as you’ll see a great deal of them as well, possibly view trogons, motmots, tanagers as well as possibly 3 loads hummingbirds. One of the birds you aren’t so most likely to see is one of the birds we all desire to see the a lot of. That unique, incredibly elusive bird is the Harpy Eagle

Rain forest environment in Boca Tapada, Costa Rica, a location where Shrew Eagle still takes place in Costa Rica.

A bird real to its name, the Shrew is a taloned beast, a pinnacle killer of the rain forest. Getting to a size of 3 feet, the bird is essentially impressive. Sets of this spectacular eagle of eagles utilize considerable locations of woodland teeming with apes sloths, as well as various other target products. It is among the leading birds of the globe yet unfortunately, the Shrew is not a very easy bird to see. Unlike numerous various other raptors, this eagle hardly ever rises. Comparable to woodland Accipiters, forest-falcons, as well as pet cats, it utilizes stealth to capture target, prowling under cover till it sees its opportunity to swiftly fly as well as utilize huge claws to nab pets by shock. Consider a huge region as well as it’s no surprise the Shrew is difficult to see, also in rain forest that sustains healthy and balanced populaces of the eagle.

The Shrew is a persisting subject of discussion amongst neighborhood birders since extremely couple of have actually seen one in Costa Rica, we do not understand if any type of reproducing sets still happen, as well as, every birder that has actually not seen a Shrew should see one. Truthfully, like the Resplendent Quetzal, the Shrew is a bird varieties every birder should have to ultimately witness. I desire there were funds as well as unique programs created with this objective in mind, to aid birders experience the Shrew Eagle, aid them make a trip to satisfy this life objective.

Presently, birders do the Shrew journey to eastern Panama or the Amazon.com. They are required to understood nesting websites since that circumstance is without a doubt one of the most trusted means to see this sneaky cover killer. If we understood of a Shrew nest in Costa Rica, oh that would certainly be significant video game changer. It would certainly be aboost for tourist, it would certainly aid everybody neighborhood birders lastly lay eyes on this evasive bird in this birdy country. Till after that, all we can do is maintain trying to find them in the ideal locations. On July 21st, 2022, the ideal area wound up being an area of roadway in north Costa Rica.

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On that particular eventful day, a team of visitors took place to make neighborhood headings when they encountered a grown-up Shrew Eagle while driving along the highway in between Mirador de Pizote as well as Boca Tapada. It’s a roadway I have actually taken a trip numerous times, the highway that mosts likely to Laguna del Lagarto, Maquenque Lodge, as well as various other birding areas because location. The discovery was a welcome shock yet I’m not amazed it took place where it did. It’s precisely where one would certainly anticipate to see a Harpy Eagle in Costa Rica

This component of north Costa Rica has big locations of undamaged key woodland attached to bigger locations of woodland in the Indio-Maiz Book of Nicaragua. Based upon the quantity of environment as well as discoveries of Shrew in Indio-Maiz, Shrew Eagles need to exist in the woodlands near Boca Tapada; otherwise a set or more, after that a minimum of periodic straying people. If that’s the situation, after that why aren’t we seeing them?

The solution to that concern returns to the reality that Shrew Eagles are extremely challenging to spot, also in position that nurture healthy and balanced populaces. Consider birding insurance coverage being instead minimal as well as Harpy discoveries come to be also much less most likely. With that said in mind, it interests keep in mind that even more individuals are seeing the Boca Tapada location, particularly Mirador de Pizote, the website closest to where the Shrew was seen. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that even more eyes in the area caused a Shrew being observed. The discovery likewise happened on among minority areas where woodland comes right approximately both sides of the roadway. It resembled an excellent area for a Shrew to go across the roadway, an excellent area for it to creep with the trees.

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Many thanks to the neighborhood overview that reported the bird, the discovery was made well-known immediately which exact same day, numerous neighborhood birders competed there to see if maybe refound. A few of the those exact same birders likewise took a watercraft journey on the Rio San Carlos the adhering to early morning. These initiatives deserved a shot as well as I rejoice they made the effort yet I had not been amazed they did not see the bird. I was favoring them as well as wishing they would certainly see it as well as there were numerous extremely skilled overviews as well as birders aboard yet seeing a Harpy Eagle needs a bargain of good luck. Having thoroughly birded in woodlands where the Shrew takes place in “great numbers” as well as recognizing exactly how extremely rarely myself as well as various other overviews saw them, far from a nest, I understand all also well exactly how unstable that bird can be.

A Harpy go through a location yet after that where does it go? The bird most likely relocated to one more component of its region to search for target. Or, it maintained relocating about in search of a friend, or, it was someplace close-by yet concealed inside the woodland. We’ll never ever understand where that unique bird went yet the discovery was however huge. It reveals that, undoubtedly, in 2022, Shrew Eagle still takes place in Costa Rica as well as, it was seen where it was anticipated.

This discovery is the most effective of motivations to go birding in the Boca Tapada location, much more motivation to inform neighborhood people regarding Shrew Eagles as well as reforest. It could not have actually been spotted later on that exact same day neither the following yet when it concerns Shrew Eagles, that indicates absolutely nothing. A Shrew is a difficult bird to see, unless you go birding in position where they might happen, you’ll never ever see one anyways. The good idea regarding birding in the locations where they do live is that there are thousands of various other amazing birds to see as well.

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A pair days after the discovery, my companion Marilen as well as I invested a number of evenings in Boca Tapada. We understood we had long shot of refinding that Shrew yet it was still great to attempt, still great to check the cover as well as maintain looking. In addition to, any type of day birding in lowland rain forest with Environment-friendly Ibis, Pied Puffbird, Cinnamon Woodpecker, as well as loads of various other amazing birds is constantly a great time.

For our quick layover, we remained at Las Iguanitas, a tiny as well as fiendly position right in the town of Boca Tapada. That helped us, if you do not could standard yet pleasant accommodations for an excellent rate, it’ll benefit you as well. It was likewise enjoyable speaking to the proprietor. He does excursions in the location as well as had some intriguing points to state regarding Shrew Eagle, most importantly, feasible added discoveries in much less available areas. He likewise revealed us a Black-and-white Owl that checks out the lodge nighttime, significant factors for that!

black-and-white-owl Costa Rica
Black-and-white Owl from one more place in Costa Rica.

Added selections for lodging consist of Mirador de Pizote (a good little area that deals with professional photographers), Maquenque Lodge (extra high end, helpful for family members as well as tiny teams), Pedacito de Cielo (good little area, likewise deals with professional photographers), as well as the lodge I have actually constantly gone to, Laguna del Lagarto (earliest ecolodge in the location, helpful for teams, professional photographers, as well as has routes in exceptional environment).

Birding around Boca Tapada has actually constantly been amazing, currently, much more so! I can not wait to return for even more raptor searches. With that said in mind, it is essential to discuss that a Shrew isn’t restricted to the one place where it was seen. It has a massive variety, it might possibly happen along any type of roadway or route with great woodland around Boca Tapada. I wish you go to the location as well, possibly I’ll see you there.

For additional information regarding Shrew Eagles as well as locating birds in Costa Rica, please assistance this blog site as well as obtain “ Just How to See, Locate, as well as Identify Birds in Costa Rica“.




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