Gallery: Embroidered Birds for the Eye as well as Ear

Clockwise from leading left: Three-wattled Bellbird, Sandhill Crane, Nocturnal Curassow, Artist Wren. Needlework by Ana Luiza Catalano.

Brazilian audio recordist Ana Luiza Catalano has actually archived virtually 300 audio recordings of birds in the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Macaulay Collection, many thanks to training she got from taking the Cornell Laboratory’s Audio Recording Workshop two times.

Catalano made her PhD looking into birdsong, as well as she performs acoustic tracking of bird populaces in the Amazonian woodland. Throughout the pandemic she occupied needlework, as well as made a decision to integrate the appeal of what she listens to by ear right into the art she produces for the eye– consisting of a fragment of spectrogram on her stitched birds.

Hear what each of the birds seems like:

Adhere to Catalano’s art on Instagram at @bordandoespecies


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