HomeBird Fun FactsExtra High Period Tips for Birding Costa Rica in 2023 

Extra High Period Tips for Birding Costa Rica in 2023 

Extra High Period Tips for Birding Costa Rica in 2023 

In Costa Rica, the completely dry and also high period is most absolutely right here. I’m seeing stunning warm skies, completely dry problems, and also a whole lot even more vacationers than the moments of the rainfall. Oh, it still rainfalls, particularly in the hills and also on the Caribbean incline however absolutely nothing like the deluges seen in 2022. With numerous individuals headed to Costa Rica whenever currently, I figured an additional blog post with some suggestions would certainly matter.

Buff-fronted Quail-Dove

Although this highland native has actually never ever been unusual, just like various other quail-doves, it can be hard to detect one inside the woodland. Luckily, in current times, this appealing bird has actually ended up being a lot easier to see. When going to the Coffee Shop Colibri at Cinchona, maintain a close eye for quail-doves on the ground listed below the feeders. They are tricky and also very easy to miss out on however if you maintain seeing for them, you have a sporting chance of linking. The common varieties is Buff-fronted Quail-Dove, occasionally 2 people however, simply in instance, we ought to additionally expect feasible Purplish-backed Quail-Dove (it has a much more light grey front and also smaller sized spot of purple on the back), and also Chiriqui Quail-Dove. Both of these elegances additionally happen in the location.

If you will not be going to Cinchona, visit the birding sanctuary of Casa Tangara dowii Buff-fronted and also periodic Chiriqui Quail-Doves are normal at this unique website.

Clay-colored Yeast Infections are Extremely Usual

This simple brownish yeast infection isn’t our nationwide bird for absolutely nothing. They can be extremely usual in several locations, particularly in the Central Valley and also yard environments. Maintain that in mind when you see many brownish, thrush-like birds flying previous or in fruiting trees. On a lot of celebrations, that bird will certainly be a Clay-colored.

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So Are Winter-Plumaged Chestnut-sided Warblers

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An additional bird worth recognizing is the winter season plumaged Chestnut-sided Warbler. In damp and also semi-humid environments, this warbler varieties is rather darn usual. See a tiny grey bird with an eye ring that advised you of a gnatcatcher? That was a Chestnut-sided. Some still have chestnut sides, several do not, you ought to see a great deal of them.

White-ringed Flycatchers Just Reside In the Caribbean Lowlands

Keep In Mind That if you end up being lured to think you are seeing White-ringeds in the Central Valley and also Pacific incline.


Those aren’t White-ringeds. See a pair kiskadee-type flycatchers on top of a tree in the Caribbean bogs? Does the bird have a wide white brow? Slim expense, little white listed below the eye, and also a little white bordering to the tertials? A kind of trilling telephone call? Those are White-ringed Flycatchers.

Go Discovering in Guanacaste

The northwestern area of Costa Rica is roomy, birdy, and also underbirded; best for expedition! Regional birders do what they can however it’s a substantial location with a lot of environment. With that said in mind, if you are asking yourself where to go birding in Guanacaste, you can see a hell of a whole lot with roadside birding. Inspect forested riparian areas, open environments (a great deal of that taking place), and also any kind of marshes.

To bird woodland tracks, you’ll need to see national forests and also shielded locations like Santa Rosa, Palo Verde, Horizontes, and also various other areas. For more information regarding birding chances in Guanacaste and also somewhere else, take a look at my 900 web page bird searching for overview for Costa Rica, “ Exactly How to See, Locate, and also Identify Birds in Costa Rica“.

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Take Into Consideration Exclusive Books or Roadside Birding Rather Than National Parks

That could appear bonkers however everything boils down to gain access to and also entryway and also leave times. While national forests secure vital environment and also do have excellent birding, regretfully, most simply aren’t open throughout the prime birding times of 6 to 8 in the early morning and also 3 to 5 in the mid-day. Believe me, in the completely dry period, you truly need to be out birding by 6. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on a whole lot!

For extra effective birding, one suggestion is striking the side of national forests or neighboring roadways till opening up time. An additional is choosing exclusive books or lodge premises when the possibility emerges.

I make sure I might think about some extra suggestions however that recommends currently. Bear in mind to examine prior to your birding journey to Costa Rica and also prepare to obtain bird-dazzled.



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