Excellent day at South Padre Island, 10/19/22

The other day I chose I required to leave the lawn and also over to South Padre Island for some loss movement. We had our very first actual cold spell of the loss so I was wishing something great might be about. When I reached the Sheepshead great deal there was Mary Volz and also Agnieska considering a Hand Warbler. Well I missed out on the ones they had this springtime so it was a year bird for me. Later on I obtained some respectable photos and also also a 2nd Hand Warbler.

Agnieska later on claimed she saw 5 Hand warblers which is unprecedented down right here. I saw the location for some time and also obtained both in the bathroom yet the various other brownish warblers I saw on the ground connecting with the Hand Warblers were young Yellow-rumped Warblers.

Later On Mary and also I were viewing the little water function on the eastern end of the north side. A young Yellow-rumped was showering when a wren appeared beside the water. Anticipating a Residence Wren I was quite shocked to see the corroded pigmentation, light supercilium and also brief colad up tail. Divine smokes it was a Winter months Wren!

Later on I was checking out under the Australian pines and also something scooted out from under my feet. It was the Winter season Wren once again. I pished and also it flew up on on a fencing and also I obtained some much better shots. Winter season Wren s invest the winter months in the Valley in handful. It’s constantly a reward to see one.

There were a couple of various other travelers around such as this Magnolia Warbler that had actually simply gotten hold of a moth.

Up at the Convention Facility there was a loss plumaged Tennessee Warbler.

An Ovenbird looked for food along the water function.

And Also there was a late Red-eyed Vireo.

The secret bird of the day was this odd hummingbird at Sheepshead. The light eye eyebrow and also dark facility to the throat made me intend to call it an Anna’s Hummingbird. One wintered right here last winter months. It’s not brief trailed sufficient. It’s simply a weird looking Ruby-throated Bustling bird in some unusual molt. It appears like the brand-new plumes are arising prior to the old ones have actually been lost.

A couple of days ago a Plumbeous Vireo was photographed at Sheepshead. Most of us tried to find it unsuccessfully. This moment of year anything can turn up.

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