Eiders In Eclipse|Outdoors My Home Window

Male typical eider in eclipse quill (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

28 September 2022

In September huge, dark brownish sea ducks swim in boatings off the coastline of Maine. When they aren’t hing on the water they dive for mussels and also shellfishes or stroll up on the rocks to stand amongst the algae.

Typical eiders on algae rocks (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

They slightly look like the lead guidebook photos for typical eider ( Somateria mollissima) however their existing quill is motley and also variable. Currently typical eiders are in eclipse.

Like several ducks and also geese, eiders totally molt their tail and also wing plumes after the reproducing period, providing them flightless for 3-4 weeks Trip is brought back in time for autumn movement, however after that they molt their body plumes. All informed the procedure takes 4+ months.

To see eiders in all their splendor view them in reproducing quill from January to very early June.

Male and also women typical eiders in reproducing quill (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

As well as you’ll see them fly.

Male typical eider going to remove, April, East Sussex UK (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

( images from Wikimedia Commons; click the subtitles to see the originals)

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