Drought-Tolerant Agave Plant Expands Well in Containers

Agave’s spiky fallen leaves make it a preferred drought-tolerant plant. Right here’s just how to take care of an agave plant in your container yard.

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Women broad-billed hummingbird set down on an agave plant

There’s an excellent factor agave plant was provided the special label ‘century plant.’ These succulents blossom simply as soon as in their life times– anywhere from 7 to half a century, relying on the types. There’s a lot even more to agave than its temporary blossoms. Right here’s why you need to include this dry spell forgiving plant to your container yard.

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Everything About Agave

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Queen Victoria Agave ‘Compacta’ expanding in a container

Agave is a fuss-free container plant that grows on occasional watering. It can deal with a selection of light direct exposures relying on the types, from complete sunlight to filteringed system color. In Area 8 and also above, the majority of agave can be expanded in the ground or in containers, year-round. (There are exemptions, so research study your types in advance). North winters months would certainly be also serious for the delicious to deal with, so garden enthusiasts in chillier areas likely have not seen agave expanding in landscapes.

Yet do not anguish, north garden enthusiasts! If you wish to expand agave in your yard, you can. Expand it as a potted agave plant– in this way, you can quickly relocate inside your home when winter season temperature levels get here.

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Agave Container Plant Treatment

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The gray/blue fallen leaves of Agave parryi ‘truncata’ comparison with the maroon spinal columns.

While agave is very easy to expand, it has some unique demands when expanded in containers. You’ll require a fast-draining potting mix developed for succulents. An agave plant does not such as damp feet, and also soaked dirt can eliminate it.

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Water just when the leading inch of dirt is totally dry. In warm, dry environments, water as soon as a week in summertime. In various other environments, water as soon as every a couple of weeks (rains is normally enough). Throughout springtime and also loss, sprinkling every 3 to 4 weeks is normally sufficient. An agave plant rarely requires water in winter season, however you can gently sprinkle it as soon as a month.

Like the majority of container plants, agave requires to be fed. In late springtime and also summertime, include an all-purpose (20-20-20) fluid plant food at half toughness, as soon as a month. In desert environments, include plant food in springtime and also loss, however miss feeding in the summertime. Agave does not require plant food in winter season.

Nonetheless, agave does require straight sunlight, specifically when expanded inside your home. Put your container beside a west or south-facing home window, where it will certainly obtain lots of sunshine.

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Agave Plant Varieties

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The curly white filaments of Agave schidigera includes in its appeal.

The range of agave types is astonishing. Some are tough, while others have little to no thorns. Others have white margins on the fallen leaves or fallen leave imprints. Agave with blue or grey coloring can be utilized to comparison with darker environment-friendly plants in the landscape. Tiny agave can additionally make wonderful outside focal points on your outdoor patio table.

Despite your environment or plant area, agave makes an excellent container plant. I would certainly advise small-to-medium types like black-spined agave ( Agave macroacantha), Victoria agave ( Agave victoria-reginae), Agave colorata, Agave schidigera and also my fave: Agave parryi truncata

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