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Deer Thickness at a Look

Deer Thickness at a Look

High columnar arborvitae along a street in Kutztown, , 27 Nov 2022 (image by Kate St. John)

12 December 2022

At Thanksgiving in Kutztown, I was shocked to see a strong wall surface of arborvitae surrounding a community. In Pittsburgh’s East End, arborvitae is constantly bare from the ground to 4-5 5 feet up, consumed by our overpopulated deer Right here’s a row of arborvitae at Schenley Park fairway.

Deer damages on arborvitae at Schenley Park fairway, 11 Dec 2022 (image by Kate St. John)

Why really did not deer surf the Kutztown trees? My hunch is that they are the Environment-friendly Titan selection of Western arborvitaes. Davey Tree discusses:

Deer uncommitted for Western arborvitaes, like environment-friendly titan, steeplechase or springtime grove. If you grow these, they might leave them alone.

Though, when deer are depriving, they end up being much less fussy as well as will certainly consume virtually anything, consisting of those deer-resistant arborvitaes If deer are a huge trouble in your backyard, stay clear of arborvitae entirely.

Davey.com: Quit Deer from consuming Arborvitae trees (also Emerald green Environment-friendly)

There are a lot of deer in Pittsburgh that certainly they consume virtually anything. They also munch on toxic milkweed!

Kutztown has much less deer per acre.

The trees reveal deer thickness at a glimpse.

( pictures by Kate St. John)

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