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Arrowwood viburnum, Schenley Park, September 2019 (picture by Kate St. John)

29 September 2022

In western Pennsylvania, where we have a high deer populace, garden enthusiasts have actually picked up from experience that white-tailed deer will certainly consume some plants and also not others. They greatly surf their faves to the factor of eliminating them however leave others unblemished, also plants in the exact same category.

Viburnum is a situation in factor. Horticulture suggestions at Rutgers College’s Landscape Plant kingdoms Ranked by Deer Resistance shows that arrowwood viburnum ( Viburnum dentatum) is deer immune. Imagined at leading, these bushes are healthy and balanced in Schenley Park where the deer populace is greater than 100 per square mile.

Deer likewise do not such as the Japanese snowball ( Viburnum plicatum) which grows as an intrusive in Frick Park, revealed listed below.

Viburnum plicatum fruit, Schenley, July 2019 (picture by Kate St. John)

However they enjoy our indigenous hobblebush ( Viburnum lactoides) and also eat it to neighborhood termination.

Hobblebush (Viburnum lactoides) is a favored food of deer (picture absorbed Maine by Kate St. John)

Check out hobblebush in this vintage short article.

When it pertains to viburnum, deer are particular eaters.

( pictures by Kate St. John)

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