Deepdale Ranch – sixth August 2022 

The fall movement is beginning to collect rate as noticeable from records at some observatories in Europe where catches have actually unexpectedly jumped from extremely little to 3 number overalls over evening sometimes.

Today we questioned whether there would certainly be a lot in the means of migrant warblers yet and also positioned an additional web along the hedge to obstruct any kind of birds flying to and also from an area of  bush, right into the area boundaries planted particularly to feed wild birds. We believed that Whitethroats would absolutely utilize this.

As it ended up we were appropriate with Whitethroats (all juveniles) composing virtually fifty percent of the catch, although concerning a 3rd of these were really checking out the fruiting Blackberry shrubs of Hilly Item timber. We were not stunned to locate that the Whitethroats were all hatched this year. Our Price of Grownup Survival research on Whitethroats, finished over 5 years at Wraysbury in the Royal District of Windsor and also Maidenhead plainly revealed that grownups leave the reproducing premises soon after their chicks fledge and also start their movement well ahead of the young birds. 

Chiffchaffs and also Dunnocks were noticeable by their lack.

Juvenile Whitethroat
Total Amounts: 30 (1 )
Wren – 3
Robin – 2
Lesser Whitethroat – 1
Whitethroat – 14
Blackcap – 4
Willow Warbler – 1
Blue Tit – 3 (1 )
Excellent Tit – 1
Yellowhammer – 1


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