Deepdale Ranch – 28th August 2022 

7 webs were set up and also 27 birds recorded. It is clear that there isn’t a large amount of highway with Hillside Item, and also since couple of birds are eating the allot capturing is harder. The trees are high, so tiny groups that do go through are frequently above internet elevation.

Jay, grown-up, significant with darvic H4, black print on white, 
for the College of East Anglia research study.

This young male Blackcap revealed a large amount of rate of interest on listening to the engine of a microlite expenses. It showed up to search in the instructions of the noise and also stayed on Chris’ hand
 for a number of mins.

There were a couple of migrant warblers still, Blackcap and also Whitethroat in equivalent numbers. We believed that there might have been some drift throughout the network as some Whitethroats has specifically reduced weights, consisting of one at 11.8 g. Quite as opposed to the last of the early morning with fat rating 2 and also a weight of 16.9 g. Additional support was included in the concept of birds having actually gone across the network with information of a recently situated Pied Flycatcher at Wells Timber.

This adolescent Whitethroat was significant for remaining in the procedure of molting in brand-new 
main tail plumes. This is normal in Chiffchaff, Blue Tit and also Great Tit yet 
a lot less typical in Whitethroats and also the various other Sylvia warblers.

Complete: 23 (4 )

Jay – 1
Wren – 2 (2 )
Dunnock – 1 (2 )
Whitethroat – 7
Blackcap – 7
Chiffchaff – 2
Long-tailed – 1
Blue Tit – 2

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