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Dark-billed Cuckoo Makes 933 for the Costa Rica Bird Listing

Dark-billed Cuckoo Makes 933 for the Costa Rica Bird Listing

The authorities Costa Rica bird listing stands at 932 varieties yet quickly, it’s mosting likely to strike 933. The bird varieties ready to bump the listing up a notch is the Dark-billed Cuckoo, an Austral traveler that was anticipated for Costa Rica yet had actually never ever been recorded up until January 16. When the celebrity bird showed up, a couple of individuals questioned if this coincided varieties I might had seen near Ciudad Neily 2 years back. They are relevant, no, that bird was the Pearly-breasted Cuckoo, yet one more Austral traveler that can additionally definitely happen.

That certain discovery was never ever validated to be the Pearly-breasted or the exceptionally comparable Yellow-billed Cuckoo yet a minimum of the Dark-billed Cuckoo has actually been located and also recorded. Also much better, the bird was photographed and also ultimately seen by numerous regional birders. If it stays, and also you bird the rice areas southern of the Ciudad Niely health center, possibly you will certainly see it also! I wish the bird additionally remains about enough time for me to see it yet otherwise, a minimum of a lot of various other regional birders “obtained” it.

I figured it referred time prior to a Dark-billed was located in Costa Rica due to the fact that the varieties moves within South America, is rather typical, and also has actually currently been recorded from Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, and also also Texas and also Florida When it comes to it being located near Ciudad Neily, possibly it’s not a coincidence that a person (or possibly 2) were seen there; this component of the nation appears to consistently bring in Coccyzus varieties cuckoos.

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Several of the environment near Ciudad Neily.

While birding around Ciudad Neily, I have actually directly seen numerous Mangrove Cuckoos, the feasible Pearly-breasted (yet more probable Yellow-billed), and also various other have actually additionally seen Yellow-billed. Possibly the 2nd development and also timberland sides beside marshes supply specifically great environment for larvae prey chosen by the cuckoos? Complying with that line of idea, it’s additionally fascinating to keep in mind that, in winter season, Mangrove Cuckoos make use of comparable environments at and also near Cano (talking that hotspot and also megas for Costa Rica, Chambita located a Greater Ani there the other day!).

Whatever the description might be, a brand-new varieties for Costa Rica and also various other cuckoos are yet another great factor to go birding around Ciudad Neily. The rice areas and also connected marshes are enjoyable yet there’s additionally various other, forested environments in the very same location that nurture an outstanding selection of varieties. To find out more concerning birding around this hotspot and also where to view birds in Costa Rica, obtain the 2nd version of “ Exactly How to See, Discover, and also Identify Birds in Costa Rica“; a 900 plus web page bird searching for publication for Costa Rica and also general birding friend for this birdy nation. Go see some cuckoos, I wish to see you right here!

Also if you do not see the cuckoo, you could still see a Sapphire-throated Hummingbird.


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