Cyclone Pushed Birds to Scotland

Yellow-rumped warbler (” Myrtle warbler”), United States, 2018 (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

9 October 2022

There was much enjoyment in British birding today when 2 yellow-rumped warblers ( Setophaga coronata) and also a first-ever the very least bittern ( Ixobrychus exilis) were viewed in the Shetland Islands, the north idea of Scotland.

Both varieties are located just in the Americas however all 3 birds went across greater than 2,200 miles of the North Atlantic continuous, most likely compelled offshore from the Canadian Maritimes or Newfoundland to run away Cyclone Fiona, the best typhoon ever before tape-recorded in Canada.

Feasible beginning & & guaranteed location of 3 North American drifters to The Shetlands, 5-7 October 2022 (map from Wikimedia Commons; markup by Kate St. John)

Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia on 24 September. The birds were located greater than 10 days later on in the Shetlands on 5-7 October. It is tough to envision their challenge. The yellow-rumped warblers appear great however the least bittern was worn down and also undernourished and also was required to rehab where it passed away over night.

Capture the enjoyment of seeing birds much from house in these tweets from British birders.

I am pleased that the warblers moved to the only trees in the landscape. This resembles warbler actions at Magee Marsh in Might when they are located in little spots of the only trees amongst miles of marsh and also farmland.

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The the very least bittern was located stooped on the coast, not healthy. It passed away that evening in rehabilitation.

p.s. There’s even more: A first-ever Empidonax flycatcher in Ireland and also a Baltimore Oriole in Devon, UK. The Baltimore oriole was consumed by a

sparrowhawk (an Accipiter)

(*)((*) picture from Wikimedia Commons; ingrained tweets(*))(*)

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