Crows and also Ravens Are Back in the area

Raven over Dawson Road near Schenley Park, 23 October 2022, 8:30 am (image by Andrea Lavin Kossis)

26 October 2022

Throughout the summer season corvids stay at home to elevate their households however as quickly as the reproducing period mores than they move. In fall huge groups of American crows go back to Pittsburgh to sign up with the winter months roost while a couple of usual ravens turn up, alone or in sets.

Now the crows and also ravens are back in the area. This loss their populaces have actually undergone a number of stages.

Crows flying to the roost, Pittsburgh, 16 Oct 2021 (image by Kate St. John)

Late August: On 30 August an unusual matter of 380 fish crows collected on roofs at Fifth & & Craig yet just 12 American crows existed that night.

September: By 6 September fish crow numbers went down to 30 and afterwards absolutely no. American crow numbers climbed with the hundreds. No ravens.

October thus far: On 10 October a high matter 620 American crows flew past “the doorknob” at sundown. By late-October no crows were counted since they transformed their path. We currently see and also listen to ravens!

The “doorknob” water tower at sundown, Upper Hillside, October 2022 (image by Kate St. John)

Ravens in the area?

Crows move; grown-up ravens remain at residence in winter months. Young ravens leave residence to go checking out till they are sexually fully grown at 3 years old. From fail very early springtime a handful of these ravens see Pittsburgh.

Last Sunday 23 October Andrea Lavin Kossis saw 2 ravens on Dawson Road that remained in the location to eat on some “tasty roadkill.” They also had something to state concerning it.

Brock! Brock!

p.s. In December I’ll get your assistance to discover the crow roost in time for the Pittsburgh Xmas Bird Matter.

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( images by Andrea Lavin Kossis and also Kate St. John)

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