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Southern red-billed hornbill (image from Wikimedia Commons)

13 November 2022

The southerly red-billed hornbill ( Tockus rufirostris) consumes numerous points yet dung beetles as well as their larvae go to the top of the food selection.

Dung beetle with a round of dung, Manyoni Private Video Game Book, South Africa (image from Wikimedia Commons)

Elephant dung is a specifically great location to locate them.

Southern red-billed hornbill searching for … (image from Wikimedia Commons)

A 2016 research uncovered that dung beetles advanced in organization with dinosaurs, the forefathers of birds. Beetles were currently consuming living plants so when blooming plants (angiosperms) emerged as well as dinosaurs started consuming them, dung beetles advanced to feed on plant issue located in dung.

Nevertheless a lot of the dinosaurs went vanished as well as their bird forefathers do not generate dung, so the dung beetles transformed their emphasis to megafauna creature poop. Elephant dung!

Evidently dung beetles will certainly also contest it.

So currently it’s come cycle. A living dinosaur consumes the dung beetles.

( images from Wikimedia Commons; click the inscriptions to see the originals, video clips installed from YouTube)

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