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Child Stilt – 15 Jul 2022 

Child Stilt – 15 Jul 2022 


I took a late mid-day trip at Pt. Mouillee SGA. It was over cast, windy as well as moist. On this particular day the winds were originating from the NE so the come through from the Mouillee Creek car park was a job. The terrific point is that riding back to the auto would certainly be a wind.

A quit at the Pumphouse netted numerous Lesser Yellowlegs as well as 3 Black-necked Stilts way out on the mudflats.

I continued towards the NE edge of the Humphries System as well as quickly listened to the “BET-BET-BET-BET” of a Black-necked Stilt. A grown-up bird was making a commotion near coast at numerous Killdeer as well as a solitary Black-bellied Plover

The man in alternative quill was brightly-colored in its black as well as white match, yet it was noticeably hopping on its left foot. I invested time digiscoping the bird from the embankment so as not to disturb the stilt; there need to be a hatchling close by.

When I transformed my focus to the Black-necked Stilt I saw that it was mostly disturbed with every one of the Killdeer that neighbored. It invested numerous mins chasing after the Killdeer away prior to pulling away to the side of the water line. There I saw a small fluff on spindly legs foraging near its moms and dad.

Once the infant was discovered by its moms and dad it relaxed. Sufficient to make sure that it calmed down in the mud as well as permitted the infant to cuddle up to a hiding area in the tummy plumes of its moms and dad.

It was charming to see the stilt with little yellow legs hanging from its tummy. Mother (Father) also shut her/his eyes for numerous mins also w/ me close by.

I headed back to the auto incapable to move the Black-bellied Plover, yet did see the 3 stilts once again near the pumphouse. Finest dreams, child!

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