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(* ) Oare Marshes Emphasizes (* ) (* ) 10th September to 29th September (* ) (* ) (* ) 1Ad & 2 Juv Spoonbills

A browse through to Oare Marshes on the 10th September was awarded with (* ) 1 Grownup & 2 Juv Spoonbills (* ) flying & high over the East Flooding (a great choice up by AE). The Bonaparte’s Gull

was still & existing currently in it’s complete grown-up winter season quill, just how much longer it will certainly remain for prior to it leaves to that understands where for the winter season is any person’s hunch?! The current the

Bonaparte’s Gull (* )has actually been tape-recorded at Oare Marshes is the 26th September by MW, my individual most recent day is 18th September.

Bonaparte’s Gull snoozing prior to it’s separation.(* )Wader numbers & range is boosting with a solitary(* )juv Little Job &

4 juv Curlew Sandpipers the choice of the birds among the 1000’s of waders existing. 15th September 2022

Pink Footed Goose. The shock bird on the 15th September was a Pink footed Goose (* )in a stubble area listed below the homes, you can never ever be completely particular of the beginning of wildfowl particularly however i have actually included this bird on my Oare Marsh Bird Checklist so there!!!!

20 various varieties of wader were seen today consisting of (* )Identified Redshank( 1), Little Job( 2 )& Curlew Sandpiper( 3 ) being the choice of the lot.

We likewise saw a solitary Clouded Yellow butterfly. 17th September 2022 Juv Curlew Sandpiper

All the focus got on the East Flooding today and also the emphasize was seeing

12 juv Curlew Sandpipers

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which remained in spotless quill. The sustaining actors consisted of Bar Tailed Godwit( 2), Identified Redshank( 1 )& Knot (3),(* )we likewise saw a

Juv Gannet overpass the East Flooding and also head inland. It was likewise wonderful to see

50+ Home Martins (* )expenses on their movement & southern. 22nd September 2022 An incredible motion of

Home Martins

controlled our go to today with

5000+ birds counted, i have actually battled all year to see a Home Martin

so to see this lots of was frustrating. 24th September 2022 6 of the

7 Juv Little Jobs. For a wader follower like myself i was pleased to see 7 juv Little Jobs

on the East flooding on the 24th September, there was likewise

3 juv Curlew Sandpipers, Bar trailed Godwit( 3) & Identified Redshank( 1). A seawatch was awarded with 1 light stage & 5 dark stage Arctic Skuas plus a great sight of 1 grownup

&(* )4 juv Little Gulls. &The

3 Spoonbills were seen once again quickly on Horsesands and also&there were 3 Eider

seen nearer to Castle Coote. The Pink Footed Goose existed on the East Flooding very first point and also we saw

100 +Brent Geese in the Swale. 29th September 2022. Leucistic Bearded Tit. A stroll around the East Flooding at an early stage the 29th September saw a lot of Bearded Tit task consisting of a Leucistic bird amongst them. It looked entirely white in trip bar a darker tail however when we took care of to see it in the reeds you can see there was a little much more color after that initially assumed, a spectacular bird just the same.(* )Leucistic Bearded Tit.

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There was 4 Stonechats & & a Reed Warbler near the Sluice and also a more

6 Stonechats & & 2 Wheatear near Uplees, on the East Flooding there were still 7 Little Stints & & 8 Curlew Sandpipers (AE & & JBL)

I just saw 6!!


Pink Footed Goose was back in the stubble area, 2 Sandwich Terns

were remaining in The Swale.

A grown-up

Peregrine Falcon startled whatever on the East flooding with 1000’s of waders all up at the same time. The Identified Redshank (advertisement winter season), Golden Plover (151 ), Bar trailed Godwit (1 ), Knot (1) && Ruff (2) were all seen.

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