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Birds Korea Nationwide 호사비오리 Scaly-sided Merganser as well as additionally River Atmosphere Research: Half 1

Birds Korea Nationwide 호사비오리 Scaly-sided Merganser as well as additionally River Atmosphere Research: Half 1

Dr Nial Moores, Birds Korea, March 2nd 2022

Moneyed by the Hanns Seidel Basis (Korea workplace), “Worker Hosa” (contained Dr Bernhard Seliger, Ms Lee Su-Younger, Mr Baek-Seung-Kwang as well as additionally myself) examined a range of key rivers as well as additionally their tributaries substantially within the northwest of the ROK. Our research was obsessed counting globally Endangered Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus 호사비오리 as well as additionally included globally threatened ranges, as well as additionally was completed on February 8 th, February 11 th as well as additionally in between February 15 th -18 th 2022. Extra research (which will likely be lined on the blog site in Half 2) was completed in between February 8th as well as additionally twenty first by a range of audiences (our as an outcome of them!) throughout a good deal of the south of the ROK.

Half 1 of the research lined ~ 160km of substantially unfrozen river, together with a range of stretches which we had in fact not examined earlier than, as well as additionally an included ~ 50km of icy water our bodies thought about solely rapidly from a passing automobile.

We revealed a total amount of 82 Scaly-sided Merganser

Of fear, solely 59 of those have in fact been counted together with the comparable stretches of 2 key rivers the location we counted 113 Scaly-sided Merganser in 2014. This suggests both a reduction within the ranges– or a change of their blood circulation since that year.

Amongst numerous 82 Scaly-sided Mergansers revealed by our research of rivers towards the northwest of the ROK © Nial Moores

Together With Scalies, we revealed a total amount of 90 chicken ranges throughout this an element of the research. Rarest ranges within the Asian context was a taverneri Squealing Goose (images right listed below). Extra trackings of word not presently released on the blog site contained:

  • Larger White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons 쇠기러기. LC.
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Wetlands Worldwide (2022) tools the 1% restriction for the Asian non-breeding residents incredibly minimized at 840 people. Utilizing this restriction, we found Ramsar-defined worldwide required emphasis in Imjingak (1,200+= >> 1%) as well as additionally Yeoncheon (3,800 in a singular area of locations = >> 4%) on 8 th; as well as additionally in Chungju on 17 th (1,200 or >> 1% have in fact been seen west of the neighborhood, remaining in locations, as well as additionally in journey).

  • Chinese Duck Aix galericulata 원앙. LC.

A total amount of 222 have in fact been observed, with among one of the most essential focus 132 together with the Gyeongangcheon in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Area.

Mandarins Chinese Chinese as well as additionally Jap Spot-billed Geese 흰뺨검둥오리 © Nial Moores
  • Crossbreed Mallard Anas platyrhynchos 청둥오리 x Jap Spot-billed Duck Anas zonorhyncha 흰뺨검둥오리

Both essentially among one of the most several or second most several crossbreed duck within the ROK (after these Aythya with an abundant beginnings that consists of Routine Pochard, Ferruginous as well as additionally/ or Baer’s!). One was seen (along with Mandarins Chinese Chinese, Jap Spot-billeds as well as additionally a Scaly-sided Merganser!) on sixteenth.

Crossbreed in the direction of centre © Nial Moores. Know inexperienced head, grey flanks as well as additionally russet brown breast of Mallard; as well as additionally invoicing instance as well as additionally upperparts of Jap Spot-billed.
  • Crossbreed Routine Goldeneye Bucephala clangula 흰뺨오리 X Smew Mergellus albellus 흰비오리

One was determined throughout the preparation job of this blog site send out, whereas reviewing images taken by Mr Baek Seung-Kwang of a team of Routine Goldeneye on eleventh. I’m not conscious of any kind of kind of details of this crossbreed assimilate Korea (exist any kind of kind of?), although there are details from a good deal included west, one among which (the mounted tasting from 1825 attempted and also examined right listed below) seems sensibly comparable to this chicken.

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Crossbreed Routine Goldeneye 흰뺨오리 x Smew 흰비오리 with Routine Goldeneye © Baek Seung-Kwang. Crossbreed remains in the instructions of the entrance within the centre. Know the top kind (with little “smew tuft”), the white traces close to the invoicing base as well as additionally towards the rear of the top, as well as additionally the darkish eye.
  • Routine Pochard Aythya ferina 흰죽지. VU.

Wetlands Worldwide in 2021 developed the 1% restriction for the non-breeding residents of this ranges as 3,000. We tape-recorded a total amount of 2,645 throughout the research, with among one of the most essential focus 1,990 at Paldang on the Han River.

Routine Pochard © Nial Moores
  • Lengthy-billed Plover Charadrius placidus 흰목물떼새. LC.

A total amount of (solely) 19 have in fact been logged, with 12 of those (a special focus) existing in a singular group.

  • Routine Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos 깝작도요. LC.

This ranges is properly doing not have in winter from inland areas of the ROK, with solely handful wintering together with the coast within the southwest. One was paid attention to as well as additionally seen incredibly rapidly inland on sixteenth in Yeoju.

  • Steller’s Sea Eagle Haliaeetus pelagicus 참수리. VU.

” The” grown-up mosted likely to Paldang– a daily wintering web website for the ranges (with as lengthy as 5 there some winter seasons).

Steller’s Sea Eagle © Nial Moores
  • Japanese Wagtail Motacilla grandis 검은등할미새. LC.

A total amount of 78 have in fact been logged, with birds existing together with all bigger rivers, as well as additionally an extraordinary focus of 30+ close to Yeoju.

  • Rustic Pennant Emberiza rustica 쑥새. VU.

Essentially among one of the most several pennant as well as additionally normally common, however solely c. 160 have in fact been gone to whole, with among one of the most essential team c. 40.

Rustic Pennant © Bernhard Seliger

Along with chicken issues, our researches planned to collect know-how on the panorama to allow, if attainable, assessment of adjustments in setting as well as additionally blood circulation of Scaly-sided Merganser in between 2012/ 2014 as well as additionally 2022. If funding as well as additionally/ or technical assistance can be revealed, these sort of know-how can afterwards be utilized to determine as well as additionally in the best scenario existing attainable selections to conservation variables together with key rivers, together with in areas affected by varied phases of the throughout the nation 4 Rivers Venture. Extra on this in Half 2 as well as additionally specifically within the total document which we plan to give this spring.

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The most likely variable behind the reduction in between years of the Scaly-sided Merganser within the northwest of the nation seems the massive increase in centers together with as well as additionally inside the rivers. Along with the development of dams as well as additionally dams these welcome vast bike roads (some presently developed in 2014; some new), presently usually on each side of the river; new concrete hillside going up tracks; great deals of new realty, some inside 100m of the rivers, as well as additionally camp website, removing of beachfront plant; framework of existing “parks”; as well as additionally additionally using land inside the river banks as backyard courses for entertainment plane at 2 website.

A range of circumstances of river “enhancements” © Nial Moores
” Worker Hosa”: Dr Bernhard Seliger (HSF as well as additionally Birds Korea individual) as well as additionally Ms Lee Su-Younger as well as additionally Mr Baek Seung-Kwang (Birds Korea Yeoncheon © Nial Moores



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