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Birds are going nuts!

Birds are going nuts!

Peanuts for wild birds – exceptional high quality.

Peanuts are an excellent resource of nourishment for wild birds to consume, they consist of oils and also fiber for the food digestion high qualities that aid birds make it through the cooler months of our British environment.

Below at British Bird Food we are exceptionally mindful concerning the peanuts we purchase and also supply for you, so you can communicate ahead high quality peanuts from us for your yard birds. Currently (October) as our conventional peanut, we are marketing Brazilian peanuts dimension 60/70 (this indicates there are in between 60 and also 70 nuts per ounce, so they are rather vibrant, they have a wonderful red skin surface and also there are very few fifty percents or chips. Certainly every one of our Peanuts have actually been afflatoxin evaluated prior to we provide them up for sale, so you can be certain your yard birds will certainly obtain the healthiest food feasible.

We supply 3 qualities of peanuts, criterion (as over) granulated and also superior quality. Our costs quality peanuts are Indian Java nuts, they have a light skin colour and also are 70/80 quality, so a somewhat smaller sized nut than our criterion, however the high quality is outstanding. An extremely also sized nut without issues, there might be a periodic fifty percent nut, however that can not be prevented with an all-natural item such as peanuts. Granulated nuts are simply what they claim, a top-notch nut granulated to a 4 – 5mm granule, that makes them suitable for feeding throughout the year. If you feed entire nuts, after that see to it it is by means of a mesh feeder throughout reproducing period as the entire nuts ca choke news if ingested whole, a mesh feeder enables the birds to just obtain partial nuts away to the nest.

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Every one of our peanuts are sold in polythene bags that are returnable to us for free, so you can utilize them and also re-seal the bag and also when all the bags are vacant (we ask you to conserve them up and also return a great couple of in one shipping) you simply placed all the vacant bags in one bag and also seal it, after that upload it as a letter via the message box. They are gone back to us and also we re-use them once again, typically we obtain 3 utilizes out of a bag and also this is significant information for the atmosphere. If you favor, you can purchase wholesale, the peanuts are crammed in a paper sack and also this is stuffed inside a cardboard box so it can browse via the automated messenger system without damage. The cardboard box is provided to you following day normally (you can assure this at check out if you desire) and after that you can take the bag or bags out and also save them where you desire. Certainly if you have actually chosen the polythene bag alternative, after that they will certainly come as 5 x 5Kg bags in package and also you can take them out individually and also conserve raising a hefty sack



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