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Birding The Boundary|Outdoors My House Home Window

Birding The Boundary|Outdoors My House Home Window

united state limit secure fencing enters the sea at Tijuana, as seen in 2012 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

19 February 2022, San Diego Hen Competition, Birding the Border

As we chat I’ll see Mexico at an array, utilizing a fence.

On today’s “Birding the Border” journey we might go to parties much less than half a mile from the all over the world limit. I anticipate to see the limit wall surface area along with north Mexico utilizing area glasses.

After I took a look at San Diego in 2013 we could stroll close by of this wall surface area that lengthens right into the sea utilizing Partnership Park of the Californias What I actually did not identify afterwards was that 2013 was a far better time, the beginning of a rapid duration of all over the world modification on at some point annually, Youngsters’s Day in April On that particular certain day, apart residences favorably could satisfy briefly within the center, telephone call along with hug. The event actually did not take place yearly along with was absolutely ended by Border Patrol in 2018.

The united state aspect of Partnership Park is presently closed all week besides 10a-2p on Saturdays along with Sundays along with you require to drive in or stroll 1.8 miles. Anyone can capitalize on the land along with beachfront on the Mexican aspect (left of secure fencing). Individuals aren’t cost-free to do something regarding it on the united state aspect.

Boundary wall surface area at Tijuana (left) along with San Diego, USA (appropriate), 2007 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)
On the Border, 2007: UNITED STATE (left) with united state Border Patrol San Diego head workplace. Mexico (appropriate) at Tijuana. (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Although the secure fencing is meant to interfere with human exercise it moreover disrupts the task of water along with pets. Discover added worrying it along with see photos on this conventional blog post from 2013.

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p.s. Observe that these photos are from 2007-2012.

( photos from Wikimedia Commons; click the engravings to see the originals)



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