Bird Information Sunday 30th October

The Pallas’s Warbler was offering excellent sights at the very same place at Barr Hall Bay, today (Derek Brennan) The bird was still existing at 1pm. (David Stirling).

An American Golden Plover remained in a ploughed area at Myroe. (Dean Jones).

The adolescent Chicken Harrier was still at Portmore RSPB today (Michael Latham).

A Snow Pennant went to Runkerry. (Richard Donaghey).

18 Greenland White fronts as well as an adolescent Curlew Sandpiper went to Myroe. (Dean Jones).

A grown-up Little Gull went to Magilligan with excellent varieties of scuba divers. (Stephen Riddell).

The Detected Redshank as well as both Great White Egrets were still at Ballycarry Bridge in Larne Lough. (Cameron Moore).

A male Fantastic Detected Woodpecker remained in Colin Glen today. (John O’Boyle).

A dark-bellied Brent as well as a crossbreed Carrion Crow went to Greyabbey. (Theo Campbell & & Derek Brennan).

A Slavonian Grebe as well as a Goosander went to Glynn in Larne Lough as well as a Little Job went to Sandy Bay. (Ivan Quail & & Nicky Lynn).

A North Wheatear went to Skernaghan Factor on Islandmagee. (Ian Enlander).

A Ring-necked Duck went to Inch Lake in Donegal. (Daniel Newton).

2 Greenland Whitefronts flew over the Bann tidewater where a Curlew Sandpiper was still existing. (Dean Jones).

Finest on Rathlin was 2 Crossbills at Kinramer, a solitary Twite on the high cliffs as well as a Whooper Swan flying throughout Church Bay. (Ric Else & & Hazel Watson).

Many Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for the photos of the Pallas’s Warbler, to Michael Latham for the photos of the Chicken Harrier, to Cameron Moore for the image of the Detected Redshank as well as to Jonathan Cooke for the image of the Great White Egrets:


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