Bird Flu strikes Irish seabird swarms

Extremely Pathogenic Bird Flu (HPAI H5N1) has actually struck Irish seabird swarms this reproduction period after running widespread via comparable swarms in the UK previously this year. The condition, which can contaminate a wide variety of bird varieties, shows up to have actually struck reproducing Gannet swarms especially hard.

An episode of Bird Flu (H5N1) has actually struck Gannet populaces especially hard in 2022

Gannets, our larges seabird, nest in thick swarms on unoccupied overseas islands numbering 10s of countless birds. These mass events, with birds stuffed in close distance, offer an excellent setting for transmission of an infection like H5N1. There are 3 major gannet reproducing swarms in Ireland: a huge nest on Great Saltee off the Wexford shore, a much smaller sized nest on the Bull Rock off the Beara Peninsula in West Cork and also among the globe’s biggest Gannet swarms on Little Skellig, off Region Kerry, which organizes practically 30,000 sets of this famous seabird each summer season.

Seabirds, wildfowl (geese, ducks and also swans) and also much more

Dead and also passing away Gannets are being reported from around Irish coastlines this year, in addition to a few other seabirds like Guillemots and also Razorbills in smaller sized numbers. It is not simply seabirds that are impacted by H5N1 — — any type of bird that comes right into call with various other contaminated birds can capture and also bring the condition. Wildfowl (ducks, geese and also swans) and also predators are especially prone, as are birds like corvids (the crow household) that can enter call with the condition via scavenging contaminated carcasses.

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To date there have actually been no reported instances in Ireland associating with yard birds, which are very not likely to find right into straight call with vectors of the condition. The danger positioned by feeding your yard birds is thought about marginal.

While H5N1 is mainly a bird condition, and also just spreads out conveniently via bird populaces, some animals, consisting of people in extremely uncommon instances, might be prone to infection.

What need to you do if you locate an ill bird

Although the danger of the condition passing from a wild bird to a human host is very reduced, authorities suggest that the public prevent all call with ill or dead wild birds right now.

  • DO NOT TOUCH ill or dead wild bird
  • DO NOT effort to aid ill wild birds, bring them home, or take them to a pet rescue centre
  • DO NOT enable family pets to come close to ill or dead wild birds. Maintain pet dogs on a lead in locations where dead or ill birds exist.
  • DO record any type of dead or ill seabirds, wildfowl (ducks, geese or swans), corvids (crows) and also predators via the Authorities Division of Farming internet portal her e

Conversely, you can call the Division’s Bird Flu hotline to report prospective instances of the condition on 01 6072512 throughout workplace hrs or 01 4928026 outdoors workplace hrs.

Various Other Irish Bird Flu Resources

Listed below you’ll locate web links to various other Irish Bird Flu sources online — — we’ll maintain this checklist upgraded as we uncover pertinent brand-new web links:

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