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Bird Feeding and also a lot more in Gimpo, Siamri marsh and also Yudo location

Bird Feeding and also a lot more in Gimpo, Siamri marsh and also Yudo location

Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, Dr. Bernhard Seliger (both Hanns Seidel Structure, Birds Korea), and also Eunjeong Lee, Eunjeong Kim, Insook Jeon, Donguk Han (EcoKorea), Maddie Joyce (Royal Holloway, College of London)

Many Thanks to EcoKorea we had the ability to get in the CCZ in the Siam marsh and also Yudo location in spite of the present increased recognition because of the current drone attack dilemma. Along the Han River, from one location alone which we might conveniently gain access to– fairly much from the real inter-Korean boundary location– we counted around 270 Usual Merganser. Probably, there should have been hundreds or thousands even more along the entire river.

Geese were greatly focused where they are fed, in 2 surrounding paddies in Siam, where at the very least 4000 geese (around 1500 Greater White-Fronted Geese and also 2500 Expanse Bean Geese) gathered with each other, with a number of hundred ducks blending in or resting close to the areas on the river. It ends up being recurring to claim, yet these excellent focus of birds, incredible as they could appear to enjoy, are from a preservation perspective not a great growth. As well as, to sort of show the factor, simply beside the feeding location one more excellent job of placing trenches right into even more concrete has actually been begun, better studying the landscape and also ruining all-natural migratory courses for amphibia, reptiles and also tiny creatures.

On Yudo island, reproducing prep work have actually not yet started, so just 2 White-tailed Eagles were seen on the islands, plus a couple of Large-billed crows.

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The very best monitorings of the day were a Chinese Grey Shrike resting on a cable; they are basically normal wintertime site visitors in the location, yet in really handful (never ever saw greater than one either on the Siam or Yudo view in 5 years of monitorings) along with a Merlin. There was one bigger group of Traditional Buntings (55+), and also pennants might be seen or listened to in several locations. Definitely the cool weather condition makes January the wintertime month with the least monitorings in the location.

The total bird listing can be located right here: https://ebird.org/tripreport/104756

Feeding time– basically, 4000 geese group to 2 paddies just, where they are unnaturally fed ( © Bernhard Seliger)

Simply opposite the gigantic bird feeder– even more building and construction targeted at boosting farming, yet likewise decreasing biodiversity and also removing environment links ( © Bernhard Seliger)

Upland Buzzard (Buteo hemilasius) ( © Bernhard Seliger)

Merlin (Falco columbarius) ( © Bernhard Seliger)

White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) ( © Bernhard Seliger)

Yudo island, a significant reproduction swarm of Great Cormorants, plus Black-faced Spoonbills, egrets and also herons, is still in mid-winter tranquility; 2 lonesome White-tailed eagles and also a couple of Large-billed crows were the only occupants in the meantime. Quickly, this will certainly transform with climate condition …( © Bernhard Seliger)

Feeding Traditional Buntings (Emberiza rustica). For these birds, when it comes to a lot of various other bird varieties, spots of extra meadows and also messy edges of areas are really crucial for feeding, yet these are the edges going away when landscape is structured. ( © Bernhard Seliger)

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Study group ( © Eunjeong Lee)



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