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Bird Account: American Tree Sparrow

Bird Account: American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow. Picture by Bartels Scientific Research Illustrator Charlotte Holden

From the Wintertime 2023 concern of Living Bird publication. Subscribe currently

Though they reproduce where the treeline paves the way to expanse in north Canada as well as Alaska, American Tree Sparrows go to yards, farmlands, as well as open timberlands throughout southerly Canada as well as the north-central USA in wintertime. Little groups assemble on snow-swept areas as well as underneath bird feeders, trading soft, music twitters as they delight in seeds on the ground. In some cases they’ll perch on the tops of curved lawns that jab via the snow as well as defeat their wings to displace seeds from the lawn head.

  • Unlike their name, American Tree Sparrows generally forage as well as nest on the ground. European inhabitants offered this varieties a deceptive name since it advised them of Eurasian Tree Sparrows back residence.
  • A day of fasting is generally a death penalty for the American Tree Sparrow, which requires to absorb concerning 30% of its body weight in food as well as a comparable portion in water daily to keep body temperature level as well as weight at healthy and balanced degrees.
  • According to eBird Standing as well as Trends information, Kansas as well as Nebraska host one of the most American Tree Sparrows from December to February, with 18% as well as 15%, specifically, of the international populace overwintering in those 2 states.
  • American Tree Sparrows look comparable to Cracking Sparrows, however in numerous locations they get here on their wintering premises equally as Chipping Sparrows are heading further southern. Therefore both varieties seldom happen at the exact same area as well as time.
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Locate This Bird: In wintertime, enjoy underneath bird feeders for plump as well as long-tailed sparrows damaging as well as pecking for seeds on the ground. American Tree Sparrows have a bicolored expense as well as main bust place, which aids them attract attention from various other sparrows.

A grap map with red dots showing where the bird is located in the nonbreeding season, also an illustration of an American Tree Sparrow.
eBird Fads map for the American Tree Sparrow in the nonbreeding period. Sparrow image by David Quinn/Birds of the Globe. Sight bigger map

Insights from eBird Trends

eBird Fads reveals that American Tree Sparrow populaces are decreasing throughout much of their wintering array, with some locations of boost in Montana. “The maps do not inform us why,” states eBird information researcher Tom Auer, “however farming surge as well as chemical usage in the core of their array might be consider the decreases. At the exact same time, environment adjustment may enable the varieties to wintertime further north.”

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