BC Rare Bird Alert: RBA: NAZCA BOOBY in Victoria

At 6:22 pm on July 23-2022, Tasli Shaw located a Nazca Booby off Victoria while driving a whale viewing vessel for Sea Ecoadventures. The bird appears to be the very same bird photographed in Seattle, WA on July 20th as a result of the unique quill considering that it is a subadult. Tasli enjoyed the Nazca Booby circling around and also remaining on the water at the south end of Test Island for 8 mins prior to she saw it fly SE at a quick speed. She followed it as it flew SE for 5 minutes up until it ran out view. She was able to acquire video clip paperwork and also pictures of the bird.

Map to place of where she saw the Nazca Booby BELOW

At 4:12 pm the Nazca Booby was moved by Orion Giles and also was photographed remaining on a log BELOW off Race Rocks. It is not readable from land and also a watercraft is called for to accessibility this area.

This is the third validated document for BC.

Nazca Booby in Victoria – Photos: Tasli Shaw

Video Clip by Tasli Shaw:


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