BC Rare Bird Alert: RBA: EURASIAN SKYLARK in Haida Gwaii

At 10:30 get on Oct 2-2022 James Bradley located an Eastern subspecies of Eurasian Skylark (in the pekinensis team) at Sandspit Flight Terminal. The bird was foraging in yard at the NW end of the landing strip near an adolescent Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Nathan Hentze and also Ian Cruickshank additionally reached check out the bird soon after. The bird was still existing since 4pm and also was checked out by various other birders.

At 11:30 get on Oct 3-2022, Paul Levesque transferred the bird in the exact same area. He thinks he checked out 2 and also is attempting to verify that.

Map to place RIGHT HERE

Eurasian Skylark in Haida Gwaii – Photos: Ian Cruickshank
Eurasian Skylark in Haida Gwaii – Image: Carey Bergman
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