BC Rare Bird Alert: RBA: ACORN WOODPECKER in Ladner

At 2pm on October 8-2022, Anne Murray as well as Iris Wong discovered a male Acorn Woodpecker at Ladner Harbour Park near the marina.

Map to place BELOW

The bird existed since 6:20 pm as well as was seen by numerous viewers.

It was last seen throughout the river BELOW on a bare grab. The bird flies back as well as forth to both areas so best to examine both places

The bird was last seen often visiting both of the very same areas over on Oct 11th as well as was seen by numerous viewers.

** The bird was not moved on Oct 12th, in spite of numerous viewers looking. **

This is the 13th document for BC as well as second document for City Vancouver.

Acorn Woodpecker in Delta – Photos: Iris Wong

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