BC Rare Bird Alert: RBA: 2 EURASIAN SKYLARK in Ucluelet

At 4:35 pm on Oct 24-2022, Ian Cruickshank located a (assumed as a result of place) Eastern subspecies of Eurasian Skylark (in the pekinensis team) in Ucluelet.

The bird was purged at a range of 30-40m from the turf area at the end of the spit. He tape-recorded the bird calling as well as obtained some video clip of the bird in trip. He enjoyed it circle a couple of times and afterwards enjoyed it fall right into the turf where he shed it however assumed it was still there.

Map to place BELOW

On October 25th-2022, Sam as well as Craig Cameron saw 2 birds at the website.

On Oct 28th-2022, Ian Cruickshank likewise verified he saw 2 birds at the very same place. Adrian Dorst was able to photo both birds.

** The birds proceed in the very same place on Oct 31st. **

2 Eurasian Skylarks in Ucluelet – Photos: Adrian Dorst

A tape-recording taken by Ian Cruickshank of among the birds can be listened to listed below:


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