Baengnyeong Island, October 27-November 7

Bird Information from Nial Moores

A rather underwhelming week plus some in typically light and also plain climate on Baengyeong Island, with an overall of 146 or two types logged consisting of 1 or 2 brand-new island documents: around the world Endangered Scaly-sided Merganser on November 3rd, and also a Warbling White-eye seen and also inadequately photographed on November 7 th These were about the 381st and also 382nd types browsed through the island given that 2013 (with a number of newly-split types probably to be included when photos have actually been re-reviewed). As normal of light fall problems, several types were timid, and also numerous IDs needed to be left unsettled.

Highs consisted of suitable varieties of some winter months site visitors (recommending that last winter months’s lack of tiny birds will certainly NOT be duplicated this year!) and also excellent varieties of duck; and also lows consisted of no storks, no mass activities and also yet much more building and construction, consisting of a “appropriate roadway” in the much southwest, changing the verdant track which in the last few years has actually created nationwide initial Black Bulbul and also Grey-backed Shrike, in addition to offering a wonderful place for a noontime siesta. Information on the recommended airport terminal remained in the glass fifty percent complete classification: evidently it is “60% most likely” to continue in the following year or more, however a minimum of the recommended place has actually changed back to the “harrier areas” and also far from the Bukburi rice-fields– lowering the possibility of bird-strike concerns and also permitting the opportunity of doing something favorable for the Hwadong Wetlands still.

On October 27, a peaceful ferryboat trip from Incheon, with finest a Pomarine Jaeger southern of Socheong, however just a handful of Black-legged Kittiwake there.

On the island itself, time just to cover the NE edge, where highlights were a calls Japanese Shrub Warbler ( just my 2nd right here) and also a Little Owl pronouncing soon after sundown. Complete List on eBird right here

On 28 th, minimal time in the area because of workdesk job invested viz-migging in the Northeast, where the emphasize was 2 grown-up Mute Swan in energetic movement to the eastern. This is the initial Mute Swan I have actually seen right here given that 2013, when 2 remained in the Hwadong Marsh pre-road building and construction. Complete list on eBird right here

On 29 th, a complete day in the area in the northeast, with 3 or 4 ringtail Chicken Harrier, a group of 8 or 9+ white-headed Long-tailed Tit recommending a fall increase, Bluethroat, and also a great choice of pennants consisting of a minimum of 8 Ochre-rumped and also 4 Pine Buntings with each other, with greater varieties of Traditionals

Ochre-rumped Pennant Emberiza yessoensis 쇠검은머리쑥새
This year, Pine Buntings Emberiza leucocephalos 흰머리멧새 hardly ever offered suitable sights …
… while Around The World Prone Rustic Pennants Emberiza rustica 쑥새 were normally both far more countless than Pine as well as likewise susceptible to remaining outdoors for extended periods …

A lot more confusing was a stonechat which showed up to reveal bunting-like white flashes in the tail in trip (an outcome of solid white along the external side of the external set of tail plumes integrated with brownish and also black tail plumes and also probably some paleing at the base of the tail, concealed by the lengthiest uppertail coverts). The just recently relabelled Amur Stonechat Saxicola stejnegeri 검은딱새 is the only stonechat on the Oriental checklist, while numerous European countries currently have documents of no much less than 3 acknowledged types: Usual Stonechat S. rubicola, Siberian Stonechat S. maurus and also Amur Stonechat eBird has pictures of birds claimed to be Siberian in addition to Amur taken e.g., in Thailand; just how to ID stonechats to taxon without banding or hereditary screening? What developments in ID have there remained in the years given that we released a note on stonechats on the now-long-archived Birds Korea web site?

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Stonechat sp., most likely Amur Stonechat Saxicola stejnegeri 검은딱새 based upon array … Quill looked filled over (normal of Amur) with solid orange on the lengthiest uppertail coverts, as opposed to white claimed to be revealed by some Siberian. Like several ladies, lengthiest uppertail coverts did not have dark finding (revealed by 40% of Amur men in one research in springtime). Costs looked instead brief and also not particularly vast at the base in head-on-views (Amur can look extremely vast at the bill-base, however there is overlap in between some Amur and also some Siberian) …

On 30 th, no fieldwork because of solid northerlies and also an unwanted of workdesk job.

On 31 st, study once again of the NE edge via the early morning as the wind turned round to the SW, with 45 Dusky Yeast Infection seen and also listened to leaving lugging one most likely Red-throated with them, and also a respectable spread of finches, consisting of a solitary Japanese Grosbeak coming with 2 Chinese Grosbeak In the southwest, a late Red-rumped Swallow verified to the only hirundine seen throughout the entire duration, where there were likewise a minimum of 4 Dusky and also a loads Y ellow-browed Warblers still. Emphasize was available in the mid-day when inspecting rice-fields and also the recovery lake with Mr Kang In-Seok: 2 Hooded Crane were enjoyed in trip, prior to touchdown distantly in the Hwadong marsh. This is the 2nd document of this types on the island given that 2013 recognized to me and also my individual initially right here. 2 were seen right here last fall.

A brand-new month and also a change in the climate, with hefty overcast and also also a light shower in the very early hrs, however still no feeling of great deals of birds. Best in the northeast edge were 10 even more Whooper Swan seen in energetic movement (heading southeast) and also an extremely late Daurian Starling

On November 2 nd, a lengthy being in finest areas in the NE created a truly wonderful mix of birds with 72 types logged, consisting of both Hooded Crane seen rising, 3 waxwing sp (idea possibly Japanese), an assumed lydiae Mongolian Pallas’s Reed Pennant” and also an adolescent Brant Goose on the sea. This is the 2nd document of Brant Goose recognized to me on the island given that 2013, a types which has actually been examined as no more regularly-occurring in the ROK in the 2022 Birds Korea List All documents in the ROK to day have been of nigricans, and also the pale idea of a pale on the foreneck received among the photos possibly suggests this subspecies (can juveniles of the choose subspecies, which is evidently spreading out eastwards in Arctic Russia and also nigricans be securely divided in area problems?)

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ID as Pallas’s Reed Pennant Emberiza pallasi 북방검은머리쑥새 was based upon telephone calls; huge costs dimension and also Usual Reed Bunting-like upperpart pigmentation regarded as outliers in the Oriental context however appear to fit with pictures of lydiae on eBird.
Brant Goose Branta bernicla 흑기러기

A more unresolvable ID inquiry was available in the type of an odd-looking accipiter. Attacked constantly by a Usual Kestrel, this hawk revealed an extremely wide hand and also extremely intense, cinnamon or red-wine-washed underparts. I can not see the head pattern (or various other crucial attributes). Discouraging. Complete eBird List is right here

On November 3 rd, the day began pre-dawn with short sights of the regional Little Owl, was complied with right after by groups of leaving Dusky and also Naumann’s Thrushes and after that by a respectable activity of duck over the sea, with many countless Baikal Teal (c. 1195 counted heading SSE in under 2 hrs) and also Mallard (358 SE), and also finest a minimum of 2, and also most likely 4, Scaly-sided Merganser (likewise heading SE-S). ID was based upon the existence of a man. The ladies likewise looked “excellent” for Scalies, based upon expanding experience with them throughout our study jobs on the types on the landmass. This is the initial or 2nd document of Scaly-sided Merganser on the island given that 2013. On October 25 th 2019, I saw 3 light women mergansers flying highly west in hefty overcast and also light rainfall. These as well done not have white chins and also had noticeable dark bars throughout the white on the wing. Timing and also plumage state both fit with what we currently recognize of this types from in other places. A complete eBird list is right here (though note as a Delicate types, the document of Scaly-sided Merganser is not shown).

On 4 th, in still solid northwesterly winds, a short browse through to the NW was complied with by a slower go through the centre of the island to count ducks and also geese. After an exceptionally slow-moving beginning, highlights was available in fast sequence in the late mid-day: solitary Greater Identified Eagle and also Eurasian Bittern went to the Hwadong Marsh; 2 Ferruginous Duck (2nd island document) were out on the recovery lake; and also 4 Silver-throated Bushtit were located in amongst a foraging group of white-headed Long-tailed Tits This is the 2nd document for the island (2 existed in the southwest of the island in late Might, staying right into very early June a minimum of), and also the 3rd nationwide document recognized to us. A lengthy check of the sea as sunset dropped located 194 Stejneger’s Scoter, the majority of which were focused far from a considerably broadened location of webs.

Around The World Prone Greater Identified Eagle Clanga clanga 항라머리검독수리
White-headed Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus caudatus 흰머리오목눈이
Silver-throated Bushtit Aegithalos glaucogularis 검은턱오목눈이

It is feasible, certainly, that Silver-throated Bushtit may have reproduced on Baengnyeong this year, either in a pure or combined set. In the understanding that regular irruptions of white-headed

Long-tailed Tits

happen right here every couple of winters months (including this winter months) and also looking at the circulation map of Silver-throated Bushtit on eBird, it appears sensible to presume that Silver-throats have actually just recently prolonged their array northward, currently getting to Liaoning District (previously the domain name of white-headed Long-tailed Tits alone).

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Circulation of documents of Silver-throated Bushtit as shown by eBird. As opposed to taking on a sea going across to Korea from Shandong, it for that reason appears most likely that in 2021 probably and also currently in 2022 Silver-throats rather signed up with Long-tailed Tit groups in their winter-related activities, bringing them southward from e.g., Liaoning along the seaside area down right into the Oriental Peninsula. Future emigration for that reason promises– though most likely will be substantially made complex right here by competitors with (and also probably intermixing with?) both dark-headed and also white-headed Long-tailed Tits! Complete eBird Lists are

right here and also right here On 5 th, protection in the NE and also SW located a respectable spread of birds, with finest in the island context a group of 390 Black-legged Kittiwake in the strait in between Baengnyeong and also Daecheong islands, and also suitable varieties of finches consisting of e.g,. 5 Japanese Grosbeak, 65 Hawfinch and also a day overall of 17 of the just recently divided Siberian Long-tailed Rosefinch, as currently provided by the Birds Korea 2022 List Complete eBird Lists are

right here and also right here
Japanese Grosbeak Eophona character

큰부리밀화부리 Siberian Long-tailed Rosefinch Carpodacus sibiricus 긴꼬리홍양진이 On 6 th, a day invested in the area in the NE, where 5

Siberian Accentor and also 3 Pallas’s Rosefinch were moderate high matters of the fall until now (so probably not an irruption year, however gladly most likely not an extremely bad winter months for these 2 types either). Last day of fieldwork got on 7 th, with over night overcast and also light shower via much of the day causing suitable varieties of birds. In the northeast at dawn, a minimum of 250 Dusky and also Naumann’s Thrushes were enjoyed on the step, in addition to 1,200 Brambling and also 2 Bohemian and also one Japanese Waxwing In the northwest, emphasize was a poorly-photographed Warbling White-eye, an island initially in a blended bird wave that consisted of a half-dozen white-headed Long-tailed Tit, c. 3 Swinhoe’s White-eye, 2-3 Pallas’s Fallen leave Warbler and also one unknown phyllosc In the Hwadong Marsh an exceptionally late Garganey and also on the recovery lake, a team of newly-arrived

Taiga Bean Geese (~ 110) included one Swan Goose— an obviously yearly site visitor right here given that the initial study back in 2013. Document shot of around the world At risk Swan Goose

Anser cygnoides 개리 with Taiga Bean Goose 큰부리큰기러기 At sunset, a somewhat greater matter of 212 Stejneger’s Scoter was made in one check on the sea, with most likely smaller sized numbers along various other components of the coastline as well. This matter, while high in the nationwide context, nevertheless contrasts inadequately with the 309 counted in the exact same location of sea

on October 23rd 2017— and also recommends that the serious decrease kept in mind in other places in the ROK is likewise influencing numbers right here as well. In a comparable blood vessel, the high matter of Black Scoter on Baenyeong this year was just 5 or 6. The return ferryboat on 8th was peaceful with the exemption of handful of

Old Murrelet. and also there will possibly disappear monitorings from Baengnyeong this year, unless the irruption of Pallas’s Sandgrouse
currently recurring in Beijing appears like it will certainly get to the Oriental Peninsula! Stejneger’s Scoter Melanitta stejnegeri 검둥오리사촌
Stejneger’s Scoter and also Identified Seal

…(*) … As Well As (*) Identified Seals(*) Phoca largha(*)

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