An Additional Bird Shock for Costa Rica- Buff-collared Nightjar!– 10,000 Birds

As for nations go, Costa Rica goes to the smaller sized end of the range. A little bit bigger than the Netherlands yet with much less land than Latvia as well as Ireland, in regards to area, we ranking 126 We could have restricted room yet we offset it with a substantial quantity of biodiversity consisting of more than 900 bird types on the authorities Costa Rica bird listing With excellent factor, great deals of birders check out Costa Rica as well as we additionally have actually a great sized regional birding area.

With birds like Ornate Hawk-Eagle as well as Snowcap feasible, just how can you not occupy birding while residing in Costa Rica?

One would certainly believe that with a lot bird monitoring taking place, there would not be anything delegated find. As the previous couple of years have actually revealed, that’s simply not the situation. Similar to a lot of put on the world, specifically the exotic areas where biodiversity runs amok, it looks like the a lot more that biophiles appearance as well as search as well as probe, the even more biography prizes we locate. In Costa Rica, this previous year has actually seen anticipated enhancements like Lesser Black-backed Gull as well as Crimson-backed Tanager together with rather much less anticipated birds like Yellow-nosed Albatross in the Caribbean as well as a similarly huge likely Salvin’s Albatross in the Pacific. There was additionally that unbelievable see by a Spectacled Petrel at Tortuguero

There are various other birds still anticipated, I have a couple of in mind that most likely additionally happen someplace in the boundary location with Nicaragua (hi Altamira Oriole as well as Ladder-backed Woodpecker). The most current enhancement had not been any of these. It was something that absolutely captured me by shock, a bird normally listened to or seen in Mexico or particular, off the beaten track gulches in Arizona. It’ a bird I really still require as well as will certainly be searching for since incredibly, a neighborhood birder located numerous at a website near a coastline in northwestern Costa Rica in Santa Rosa National Forest!

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When I saw the eBird alert for Buff-collared Nightjar, I believed, oh, that need to be a blunder. No, there were pictures as well as recordings made by a knowledgeable regional birder, Gerald Pereira No question concerning it,

Buff-collared Nightjar

, numerous of them as well as brand-new as well as unforeseen for Costa Rica! The discoveries elevate numerous concerns. Where did they originate from? Have they constantly existed? Are various other separated populaces waiting to be located? Why weren’t they uncovered prior to after that?(*) I do not recognize the solutions yet undoubtedly, that they stand for a recently developed local populace. If they had actually currently existed, one would certainly believe that a person would certainly have located them however, they were seen in a limited as well as little went to location, as well as are nighttime. Possibly various other populaces exist in a couple of various other areas in Guanacaste? Possibly they just sing at particular times of the year? There’s very little evening birding taking place up by doing this, Gerald’s exploration reveals that possibly we need to be doing even more searching in off the beaten track areas, both night and day. I question what else is waiting to be located in greatly birded Costa Rica?(*)

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